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Altcoin projects have been functioning extraordinarily over the past year. But the trends have transformed upside down towards the end of 2021. The broader crypto space turned gloomy as Bitcoin and many altcoins part ways with gains. However, there are some exceptions as projects such as Harmony and AAVE have managed to gain the momentum in the end.

Harmony and AAVE are synthesizing the Crytpo chaos along with their new inventive ventures. Both of the projects are thriving hard to create whole new economy for the crypto space along with new advancements. Nevertheless, ONE and AAVE price have managed to enjoy significant gains over the year and are likely to double in 2022. 

Harmony’s Vision in 2022 to Bring Everything under ‘ONE’ Roof!

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Harmony price has kickstarted the year on a positive note. The altcoin has experienced a nice break out at $0.215 on 30th December followed by the launch of  futuristic roadmap. However, the network has pledged to comprehend the Web3 economy and infrastructure that comprises DeFi, NFTs, and bridges. 

  • 2020 was the year of DeFi, where 2021 was NFTs era and going further in 2022 we are obviously going to have drastic trend reversal. To keep the platform in align with a market potential and trend Harmony is occupied in building DAO mechanism. 
  • Whilst NFT marketplaces are getting broadly competitive, Harmony has allocated a $13 million in Funds to encourage vast community adoption by building cross-chain NFT tokens. 
  • The grit of Web3 and DAOs are personal wallets. However in order to feciliate safe and secure browser wallets, the platform allocated a $20 million in funds. 

Hence, there will be no surprise if Harmony enters into top 5 in 2022 as it is occupied in building fully advanced technology for the future realizing their future potential. 

AAVE to Awe the Competitors! 

AAVE price has seen gigantic rally in 2021 raising by 3x from just $80 to $250 at the press time. Close to the year’s end the altcoin has managed to break resistance at $235 reaching $253 in a very short span. Bearish predominance above $255 again flipped the price to bottoms.

However, in order to boost the price action AAVE has made its first announcement of 2022. The platforms is active in building their own mobile wallet and this aims to invite larger user base to the platform. 

Collectively, Harmony and AAVE appear to be moving ahead of all the other cryptocurrencies with plans to add more advanced features in 2022. However, projects fundamentals would play a key role in terms of raising their market cap to new levels in 2022. 

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