Hack Threat Alerts Now On Six Chains

Lossless, the cybersecurity company of Web3, is excited to share that it’s successfully expanding the supported chains of its smart contract monitoring product – Aegis. As of today, Aegis is available on the BNB Smart Chain next to already supported Ethereum, Polygon, Harmony, Fantom, and Elysium.  

In the Web3 industry, hacks and cyber attacks can have far-reaching consequences beyond just financial loss. When a Web3 project experiences a security incident, it can cause reputational damage that is hard to recover from. To prevent such harm, Lossless has designed Aegis to become the first line of defense in crypto.

Aegis is a smart contract monitoring tool built to enhance Web3 security and prevent cryptocurrency exploits. Aegis allows users to add smart contract addresses they want to monitor to their watchlist and informs them in real time about potential threats. Transactions are attributed severity levels of critical, high, medium, and low. Users can take immediate action to protect their monitored contracts the second they receive an alert and save their assets.


Starting today, Aegis expands its monitoring capabilities to cover the BNB Smart Chain too. Users which have smart contracts on the six supported chains – Ethereum, Polygon, Harmony, Fantom, BNB Smart Chain, and Elysium – will be able to add them to the Aegis dashboard to ensure that predictive analytics will identify malicious transaction patterns and suspicious addresses. People wanting to use Aegis will have access to features like custom event tracking, TVL monitoring, backtesting, smart contract analysis, and more.

“Aegis is a tool that we’re constantly improving to become the most efficient tool in exploit prevention. Adding more supported chains will boost the product’s adoption and help increase the security level of Web3 overall.” – Vygandas Masilionis, CEO of Lossless.
Learn more about the way to protect your smart contracts with Aegis here and follow Lossless for more Web3 cybersecurity news.


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