Gomble Games Raises $10 Million to Build the Future of Web3 Gaming

In a bold move that marries the thrill of gaming with cutting-edge blockchain technology, Gomble Games, an offshoot of the illustrious game studio ‘111%’, has announced a whopping $10 million in funding. This significant financial injection, with contributions from high-profile investors like Spartan, Hashed, and Animoca Brands among others, propels Gomble Games into the forefront of the burgeoning Web3 gaming arena.

Gomble Games’s origins trace back to ‘111%’, a studio that has left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape with viral sensations such as Random Dice and BBTAN. These games have not only captivated over 100 million players worldwide but have also set a high bar for innovation and engagement in the gaming community. Unlike its predecessor, Gomble Games sets its sights on a groundbreaking mission: to seamlessly integrate the realms of traditional gaming (Web2) with the emergent domain of blockchain-based gaming (Web3).

Chris Chang, the Chief Business Officer at Gomble Games, encapsulated the company’s ethos, emphasizing the pivotal role of collaboration and community in crafting immersive gaming experiences. “At Gomble Games, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and community in game development. Our vision is to create accessible games that are not just played but lived, where every player’s input shapes the world they immerse themselves in through a very easy and engaging casual gaming experience,” Chang remarked.

The recent funding round, according to Chang, is a resounding endorsement of Gomble Games’s commitment to melding the best aspects of Web2 gaming with the transformative potential of blockchain technology, thereby enriching the gaming experience, fostering a sustainable economic model, and encouraging active player involvement.

Spearheading Web3 Innovation in Gaming

At the heart of Gomble Games’s philosophy are three core principles: Dynamic Change, Reversal Opportunity, and Simplicity. These principles are designed to guarantee an engaging, ever-evolving gaming landscape that captivates and retains player interest. Moreover, the company aspires to create a self-sustaining economy where user engagement directly translates into revenue, thereby benefiting both the players and the developers.

Looking ahead, Gomble Games envisages the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that empowers users to become active participants in various facets of the gaming ecosystem, including marketing and game development. This participatory model also extends to third-party developers, who are seen as crucial to the ecosystem’s economic viability and sustainability.

Chris Chang further emphasized the company’s vision of building not just games but a community where every member’s contribution is acknowledged and rewarded. “By fostering a space where every contribution is valued and rewarded, we are not just creating games but building a community where everyone has a stake in our success,” Chang added.

Kelvin Koh, the Co-founder of Spartan, expressed, “With the boom in mobile gaming, we believe that hypercasual mobile games would be one of the main drivers of users into Web3. The crypto-native Gomble Games team adeptly leads this charge as they combine the technical know-how to build addictive game loops with a deep understanding of the Web3 gamer community. We are proud to back the team led by Chris, and cannot wait to experience what these creative geniuses have in the pipeline.”

With its latest round of funding, Gomble Games is poised to redefine the gaming industry, promising a more interactive, enjoyable, and rewarding experience for gamers and developers alike. This venture not only builds on the legacy of 111% but also charts a new course toward a future where gaming and blockchain technology converge, offering unprecedented opportunities for engagement and innovation.

Source: https://blockchainreporter.net/gomble-games-raises-10-million-to-build-the-future-of-web3-gaming/