Gaming Dapps are Less Active in February; Research Reports

  • DappRadar stated that February tends to be a slow month for the blockchain gaming industry.
  • The platform reported that the average dUAW of February represents a sharp decline.
  • Except for Wax, all other protocols exhibit a decrease in their dUAW.

DappRadar, the universal app store for decentralized applications, crypto tokens, and NFTs, posited that February tends to be a slow month for the blockchain gaming industry. The platform claimed that the average active unique wallets that connected the gaming Dapps in February portrayed a decline from the previous month by 12.33%.

Notably, DappRadar released the monthly on-chain data analysis of February under the title, “Unlocking Exciting Developments: Why a Down Month for Blockchain Gaming is Misleading,” on March 9, in which the platform provides a “glimpse into the industry’s potential for growth and development, highlighting the pivotal role of gaming in driving innovation and progress.”

Significantly, the platform highlighted that the blockchain gaming industry is an evolving sector and had some fluctuations in its unique daily wallets (dUAW) in February, claiming:

The average daily unique active wallets connecting to blockchain gaming dapps in February were 752,735, representing a 12.33% decrease from the previous month. This decline is consistent with previous years, as February tends to be a slow month for the industry.

Unique Active Wallets ( December to February)

Further, DappRadar expounded the top blockchain gaming protocol, Wax, in the highest position with an average of 342,764 dUAW and a 3.26% increase from January. 

Notably, all other protocols except Wax had substantial declines in their dUAW; they include Hive with 116,930 dUAW and 36.14% decline, Polygon with 90,139 dUAW and 35% decline, BNB Chain with 85,363 dUAW and 12.18% decline, and EOS with 23,891, a 3.44% decline.

Nonetheless, DappRadar asserted that although there is a significant decrease in gaming activity, “blockchain gaming remains the most dominant sector, with a 45.43% dominance in the industry’s unique wallets”.

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