Gala Games Takes Complete Ownership of Ember Entertainment

  • Gala Games has announced the complete acquisition of Ember Entertainment.
  • All existing games on Ember Entertainment will become fully integrated with Gala’s layer 1 blockchain.
  • The first two games from Ember to be integrated into Gala’s blockchain will be ‘Dragon Strike’ and ‘Meow Match’.

The blockchain gaming platform Gala Games has announced the acquisition of Ember Entertainment. According to updates on its Twitter and Discord accounts, the erstwhile external partner is now a part of Gala Games.

While giving details, Gala Games explained that all the games previously on Ember Entertainment became fully integrated with Gala’s layer 1 blockchain. The first two games to be integrated will be Dragon Strike and Meow Match. The games will enable Gala to scale. Players will have the opportunity to participate in play-to-earn blockchain games using their mobile devices.

As contained in the update, users of Dragon Strike will get at least one scroll of minting from the beginning. Subsequently, for every $100 spent on the game, an additional scroll of minting is earned. Each earned scroll of minting provides users the opportunity to pick a database item on the platform. The item can then be minted into an NFT on the Gala Games blockchain.

For the Meow match, the game becomes aligned with the Gala Games protocol. Through this alignment, all cats owned by users become digital assets on the Gala Games blockchain. It is a direct way of introducing play-to-earn to Mobile, a goal of this acquisition.

Gala Games and Ember Entertainment have been working in partnership for some time. They have collaborated to deliver The Walking Dead Empire to the online gaming community. With the recent acquisition, Gala announced that the entire Mobile portfolio of Ember Entertainment becomes a part of their network.

Mixed reactions followed the update on Twitter, as some followers questioned the deal based on its integrity. A follower questioned the role of Ryan Geithman, who doubles as a studio director at Gala and the owner of Ember Entertainment. This observer questioned the integrity of the deal, considering the involvement of an insider.

Other followers expressed their excitement towards the acquisition, hoping it will impact positively on the blockchain’s native token, GALA. These followers are investors who claim to have held the token for some period. They believe the latest development will attract more users to the platform, resulting in a positive economic impact on the native token.

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