Founder of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes Invests Big In $BLUR, Sees Double-Digit Gains

Arthur Hayes, a well-known cryptocurrency trader and the founder of BitMEX, has become the largest individual holder of the token LOOKS, owning 17 million LOOKS, which is equivalent to $5.14 million. From August 24, 2022, until November 3, 2022, Hayes bought 10.68 million LOOKS at an average cost of $0.258 for a total of 1,786 ETH ($2.76 million). In June 2022, FTX additionally gave him 4.82 million LOOK ($1.67 million at the time), with an average receiving price of $0.347. 

There has been a surprising change of events. Let’s explore. 

Arthur Hayes invests big in $BLUR

Arthur Hayes is a well-known crypto influencer and entrepreneur who recently received around 341,000 BLUR from a 0x62ac-based address. This occurs at a time when Hayes has been investing and trading his way to enormous riches. All of the assets he recently purchased have experienced double-digit gains.

The $BLUR coin has witnessed a huge surge in attention from large investors, which has contributed to its fluctuating price performance. The price of the token has changed dramatically, ranging from about $5 to as low as $0.4 in a matter of hours or even minutes.

The $BLUR coin is still mostly unknown in the cryptocurrency world despite the spike in investor interest. The currency and its potential have gained attention, nevertheless, as a result of recent investments by powerful individuals like Hayes and other big whales. 

In the most recent Twitter update, it has been given that the Arthur Hayes labeled address has received 250k. 

While Hayes’s investments may draw attention to some tokens, it’s crucial to be aware of volatility surges that could force you to sell your current holdings. Currently, BLUR is trading at $1, representing a strong 50% recovery from a local low of $0.48. Only a small portion of customers was able to catch the all-time high, which was $5.19.