Forrest Pump: Next-Gen NFTs, Play-to-Earn Game

Even if the name of this token does not seem serious, they have a real project and a healthy tokenomics.

The team wanted to avoid creating another meme coin, but a token that combines sensibility, humor, and nostalgia, with a fun tribute to the masterpiece “Forrest Gump”.

  • The launchpad’s whitelisted presale was a success. marketing is ready to be rolled out.
  • They will be a serious player in the crypto meme space and will deliver on their promises. Their rewards in $BUSD will attract many new holders.
  • $FPUMP are there to support this initiative of Elon Musk through charitable contributions: Elon Musk said his AI Brain Chips Company could “Solve” Autism and Schizophrenia. And what does the crypto sphere remember? Doge, Shiba, Floki.


They aim to help fund research into autism and support autism organizations.


$BUSD rewards program benefits loyal holders to the tune of 5% on every buy and sell transaction. These funds are deposited several times per day into the same account where FPUMP tokens reside. As the market cap grows, the value of the reflections will also grow, and this can become a form of passive income for holders.


They just released a trailer for their mobile game. They are also working on a P2E game in Forrest’s universe, as well as NFTs, and more. Their goal is to create a metaverse ecosystem, within which $FPUMP tokens will be supported. Merchandising and an animated show (with dark humor like BoJack Horseman) are also being planned.

You wonder why Forrest Gump?

Forrest Gump is an allegory of autism. A struggle that Elon Musk is fighting for, as he himself has Asperger’s syndrome (a form of autism without intellectual deficiency).

The project of this team starts from good intentions, maybe too difficult to perceive from the “mainstream” public for the moment.

But with time, with well-targeted marketing, the advancement of their roadmap, the world will understand that they are dealing with a different token apart from others, with Forrest Pump.

The project is still very early, this may be the best time to be Forrest now.

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