FDIC Races to Liquidate Assets for Uninsured SVB Deposits by Monday

  • FDIC works around the clock to liquidate assets for uninsured customers’ deposits.
  • Silicon Valley Bank has over $209 billion in assets and $175.4 billion in deposits.
  • Circle, the issuer of USDC stablecoin, has $3.3 billion with SVB.

According to a report on Bloomberg, US authorities in charge of the emergency split of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Financial Group are working around the clock to liquidate assets and make uninsured customers’ deposits available as soon as Monday.

The report noted that the first payout, which is still up in the air, would help the firm’s troubled customers, many of whom are Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and their companies. According to anonymous sources that spoke with Bloomberg, the figures range from 30% to 50%.

On Friday, the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation closed SVB and transferred it to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). According to an official statement, the FDIC told insured depositors they would have full access to their insured deposits. However, uninsured depositors would get a receivership certificate for the remaining uninsured funds, and there is no guarantee that these funds will be paid out in full.

The current trend of US banks filing for bankruptcy might have severe consequences for the crypto industry as many crypto companies and exchanges have previously worked with Silicon Valley Bank. Kobeissi Letter, an industry-leading commentary on the global capital market, recently published a list of companies with exposures fo SVB, highlighting crypto firms such as Circle, the issuer of USDC stablecoin, with $3.3 billion in SVB. 

Additionally, Silicon Valley Bank was the second largest crypto start-up lender in 2019, right behind Silvergate Bank, which is now experiencing a liquidity crisis.

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