EToro offers metaverse exposure to investors

The leading social trading platform eToro has announced the launch of a new smart portfolio that will give investors long-term exposure to key projects in the metaverse.

Metaverse is very much the major buzz-word in the cryptocurrency sector currently. Much extra hype surrounded the metaverse when Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced that his company would rebrand to ‘Meta’, and would build out its own metaverse.

Microsoft is also in on the action, and has created its own metaverse platform called ‘Mesh’. Other major tech giants have also entered into the metaverse industry in their own ways. Unity Software, Nvidia, and Ubisoft are those that spring to mind.

According to Dani Brinker, Head of Investment Portfolios at eToro, who was quoted in a recent FinExtra sponsored press article:

“When evaluating the investment opportunity of emerging industries, diversification is key as not everyone involved will be a winner. For people who don’t have the time to research the ongoing developments of the industry, the market may seem overwhelming. By packaging up a selection of assets in a portfolio, we’re doing the heavy lifting and enabling our customers to gain exposure to the metaverse and spread the risk across a variety of assets.”

The eToro smart portfolios already exist for other themes across the markets. They enable investors to receive a passive income from long-term investments with no management fees.

EToro is concentrating a great deal of its resources on developing the assets that will support investor interest in the metaverse. It recently announced that it would list The Sandbox (SAND) as a crypto asset on the platform, and plans a collaboration on land purchases in the future.

Tomer Niv, the eToro Director of Global Crypto Solutions said:

“eToro is a crypto pioneer with an established track record of embracing new technologies for the benefit of retail investors. We are incredibly excited by the opportunities offered by the metaverse and will be revealing further details including some key partnerships very soon.”

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.