dogetti: reaching goals for phase 1 of presale


After a slight slip in the market last week, most cryptocurrencies are bouncing back to trade in the green. Stacks’ price hit $1 after 10 months, and Bitcoin is once again nearing $24K while the newcomer Dogetti is fast approaching its target for stage one of the presale.

Stacks Reaches 10-Month High

Stacks is a layer-1 blockchain solution that uses proof of transfer consensus. It brings smart contracts and dApps to the bitcoin network. STX is the native token of Stacks’ ecosystem. Enjoying the hype created around the Bitcoin Ordinal, the token witnessed a rise of 230% over the past 30 days. In the past seven days, it surged by 210%. The Ordinals inscription is similar to non-fungible tokens (NFT) which can be created and stored permanently on the bitcoin blockchain. Stacks is one of the very first crypto platforms to enable Bitcoin Ordinals minting and hosting. As the Ordinal inscription surpassed 2,00,000, stacks exceeded $1 on January 3, the highest price since April 2022. Stacks is expected to perform well as more crypto enthusiasts show interest in Bitcoin Ordinals.


Bitcoin Eyes $24K Again 



Similar to Stacks, Bitcoin has also benefited from the popularity that Ordinals is gaining in the crypto community. For the past two weeks, Bitcoin tried hard to break its $24K mark to reach $25K. But, the US Public Consumption Expenditure data released on Friday took its toll on the Bitcoin Market. As a result, Bitcoin prices dropped below $22K. But, on Monday, Bitcoin bounced back to the trend and traded at $23,800. It is now once again eyeing to cross the $24,000 mark in the market. Though it has dropped 0.3% in the past 30 days, it surged by 6.8% over the past 14 days. The recent report from on-chain analytics Glassnode revealed a 140% increase in the number of bitcoin millionaires. According to the report, nearly 67,000 Bitcoin wallets hold BTC worth equal to or more than 1 million dollars. If this data pushes the bitcoin market further, it will cross the $24K once again.

Dogetti’s Presale To Enter Stage Two


A gang of dogs is waiting to take the crypto world by storm. With a rugged look and marks on their face, Dogetti’s mafia gang is creating a new trend in the meme-coin market. The tough dogs are transforming their community into a family. Dogetti raised more than 3.3 lakh US dollars in its presale, just a few thousand dollars short of achieving its target for stage one. Once it is reached, the price of a single unit of DETI token will increase from 0.00007 to 0.00029 in the second stage which is 300% more than the first stage. To boost the presale, Dogetti announced a 25% bonus for investors who use the WISEGUY25 code. It plans to launch Dogetti NFT to give investors more opportunities to build wealth. It also plans to introduce DogettiDAO to make it a community-driven ecosystem, where investors can vote on the proposals to bring changes. As the price is expected to rise up to 900% in the coming days, investors can spend on DETI to earn a multifold return in a short period. To learn more about Dogetti, click the link below.


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