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The crypto presale mania is going crazy! Dogetti (DETI), Metacade, and RobotEra, cumulatively, have raised around $11,000,000 in a span of just five weeks! Now that’s a lot, isn’t it?

While Dogetti has growth and momentum as its aid, Metacade and RobotEra have tenure and budget under their wings. Being the big 3 of the crypto presales season, it’s only fair we deep dive and discover why investors are flocking to these projects! Let’s get going!


Metacade: A Bridge Between Web3 Developers And Gamers

Metacade has raised about $9 million in its presale stage and is only growing from there! They have already sold 769,387,469 $MCADEs and have only 85,612,531 $MCADEs to go before their presale ends.

Metacade is essentially a crypto community that enables you to enjoy P2E games, meet Web3 developers and entrepreneurs, land a job in the crypto space, enjoy pay-to-play arcade games, and much more!

Metacade has been doing well in its presale stage and is looking hopeful for investors too. After all, their concept of exposing Web3 developers to entrepreneurs and job opportunities in the crypto space is quite lucrative!

It’s not just developers and entrepreneurs but gamers are quite interested in the Metacade project too! After all, metacade has a metaverse segment that enables gamers to come together and enjoy all things GameFi.

RobotEra: Time To Build A Robotic City!

RobotEra has raised $985K so far in its presale stage and aims to go as high as $1.8 million before this presale mania is over.

RobotEra is a P2E game in which you are a robot who is building its own city. Think of this as Minecraft but with earning possibilities and with a spicy twist of the metaverse.

RobotEra looks really cool, and given the popularity of Minecraft, the project shows some crazy potential as well! Being a crypto project, how can they not launch NFTs? According to the roadmap of the project, RobotEra NFTs will be launched in the Q3 of 2023. Hence, investors can expect quite a significant push then!

Dogetti: The crypto dawn (don) is here!


Dogetti has a target of raising $500,000 in their presales stage. And guess what? They have already raised $423,808 in less than a month’s time. These guys are selling out like iPhones on the first day of their launch! The stock’s getting empty at lightning speed. Hence, if you want to leverage Dogetti’s growth and momentum of presales, get involved NOW! (After reading this article, though).

Dogetti is literally starting a new chapter in the realm of meme tokens. It is only justice to call Dogetti the dawn (don) of the crypto world. They are redefining how crypto communities are built and managed. And the best part? Crypto fans are loving it!

The Dogetti project embodies the movie series ‘The GodFather’ into the crypto world. Remember how Don Corleone loved his family? Dogetti is on the same mission. They are not building a community, but rather, they are building a family. And it’s not just a marketing gimmick. The family members of Dogetti get full control over the project, implying all Dogetti enthusiasts can become a part of the Dogetti DAO and get to vote on the various partnerships and functionalities of the project.

Don Corleone provided for his family, didn’t he? So will Dogetti! Yup, the reward system of this project is crazy. Just by holding DETI tokens in your wallet, you keep earning more DETIs. What does this mean, though? Well, 2% of EVERY transaction that happens in the Dogetti ecosystem gets redistributed among the family (community) members. Given the flow of distribution, once you enter the DETI ecosystem, you never run out of DETIs. Sensational, eh?

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