Dogetti aims to Bring Real Wealth Distribution


Since the inception of Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2013, mascots based on Shiba Inus have been the go-to for developers looking for an icon to represent their meme coin projects. The vast majority of meme coins that blew up at the peak of the niche’s popularity in 2021 took direct inspiration from Dogecoin, even if they changed the breed, it was almost always a dog and the influence was clear.

But towards the end of that year and for most of 2022, it seemed as though meme coins had become an afterthought in the minds of the investors after a few bad apples attempted to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the optimism of buyers with disingenuous projects.

Despite the blow, even the biggest tokens like Shiba Inu (SHIB) took to their reputations, it seems as though the pendulum has swung back recently with big surges for many of said projects. On top of that, a new project has popped up with very interesting aspirations that could help re-legitimise the name of meme coins.


Dogetti is All About Redistribution 

Given their nature as cryptos based entirely around a joke that only has value when it’s being pumped, meme coins don’t often have community engagement as their biggest draw. Dogetti (DETI) is different, it’s all about community. Literally. Advertising as the biggest family in crypto and as a coin that will be owned and controlled by the community, it’s clear the developers behind Dogetti aim to cultivate a close relationship between them and their buyers.

How they plan to do this beyond regular engagement is by focusing on distribution. Through its reflection protocol that will be costed on the Ethereum Network (ETH), every time a DETI holder uses their token in some way, 6% of the supply will be used in three different ways. Every single transaction will each time have 2% redistributed back to holders, another 2% put in a charity wallet and finally, 2% split between liquidity and burn wallets. This all comes from 50% of the 100 billion tokens that are being sold to buyers, which is more than just a reasonable amount to release.

With all of that in mind, this is all planned for the future. Dogetti is actually in phase one of its presale, having raised over $126,000 while currently focusing on establishing a name through multiple social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord. Something else to look forward to in the future is the plan of setting up an NFT marketplace where they can be traded and sold.

Dogecoin and Floki Inu make a surprising comeback


While Dogecoin is often seen as a joke that was never meant to get to the stage it has reached – and to a certain extent it is, however, the truth is that real utility was always the plan. The original developers intended to create a token that could reach a wider audience than Bitcoin. People of all demographics enjoy memes of different kinds but at the time the Doge meme was huge and enjoyed by everyone.

Though the success of the project was more of a gradual build overall, it was never exactly obscure. Just 2 weeks after it launched, it experienced a price surge of 300% while the volume of the tokens went up by billions per day. There were a few more occasions throughout the years where it continued to experience price surges and receive more attention, but it was of course during the crypto bubble of the early 2020s that saw it become bigger than ever. Crypto in general was blowing up and reaching more people which undoubtedly attributed to Dogecoin’s rise, but it was Elon Musk who played a big role; something he would continue to do.

Musk’s position as the unofficial benefactor of meme coins is a big part of Floki Inu (FLOKI)’s creation. In June 2021, after all the work he had done to bring the Shiba Inu-related projects to the forefront, Musk bought one as a pet and tweeted its name. Floki. From there, Floki Inu was born. It quickly built a supportive community and reached the top 100 ranked cryptos by market cap, becoming one of the biggest projects from that year.

As mentioned, crypto as a whole suffered through a rough 2022, with consistent losses all across the board. While Dogecoin remains in a good position as the number 10 ranked crypto, Floki Inu has fallen to 214. But something exciting happened for almost all meme coins on February 15th, which could be a sign of a return to form.

Once again, a tweet from Elon Musk drove buyers to the market. It simply featured a funny picture of his pet Floki, but within 24 hours, Dogecoin rose by 5.4% while Floki rose by 41%, an excellent feat for a coin in its position. This isn’t the first sign of bullish moves for Floki this year. Floki had a great start to the year with a January rally after the move to burn 4.2 trillion tokens, which was supported by almost the entire community.


Should Dogetti deliver on its plans while all the other similarly-themed meme coins hold well and possibly even stabilise at higher prices, we could see the second coming of the meme coin explosion. Investors that especially love meme coin projects and are interested in further developments in their utility should check out Dogetti and see if it is everything you’re looking for.

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