Decentralizing Organizations via FREEDOM

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) were created to address the problems of the conventional organizations, including transparency, security, and integrity issues. However, the DAO-based tools and services that have been launched so far have significant inefficiencies such as complexity, cost, environmental impact, scalability, member engagement, etc. These inefficiencies have made the growth of DAOs slow.

To increase adoption, FREEDOM MetaDAO decided to move decentralized governance into the mainstream, giving everyone the opportunity and freedom to create positive and transformational change for themselves. The platform allows businesses, individuals, and organizations to practice fair and equitable governance while leveraging blockchain tools to prevent corruption and aid transparency. It is focused on the business needs and experiences of the users.

The FREEDOM platform is accessible to groups of diverse scope, interests, or sizes as it has reduced the financial and technological barriers to creating DAOs. It supports collaboration, organization, and strategic action in a trustless and permissionless manner. The platform utilises non-energy-intensive blockchains that charge low gas fees and have low environmental impact.

“Freedom is only possible by constantly struggling for it” (Einstein).

The mission of Freedom is to provide people with Freedom of Access, Freedom of Opinions, Freedom to manage, Freedom to be heard, and Freedom to be rewarded. It is aimed at creating a  better future where Economies are Equitable, Leadership is Distributed, and Organisations are Democratized for academic associations, grass roots lobbies, or the government. Freedom is making ground-breaking technology easily accessible while equally empowering everyone.

Freedom Features and Benefits

The properties of the FREEDOM Platform include simplicity, broad applicability, flexibility, upgradability, and transparency. Parameters guiding FREEDOM DAOs can be amended by group voting or permissioned members of the group. After the parameters are set and the necessary gas fees are settled, the contract binding the DAO is deployed to the blockchain network and gets its own DAO address.

Users can interact with the DAOs through the FREEDOM smartphon app, and browser-based clients on computers, or tablets. The FREEDOM Platform features an index of every FREEDOM DAO, including the number of members, amount of FREEDOM Utility Tokens held, the issues and proposals contributed, completed actions, etc.

FREEDOM aims to enable ease of use and interoperability among DAO platforms. It can be used by people with no prior understanding of blockchain technology or DAOs. It uses proof of personhood and token staking-based participation modes, reducing barriers to entry, providing greater flexibility, extending FREEDOM’s use cases, and so on.

It is an open-source and free-to-use (in casual mode) platform for personal, non-commercial, and commercial purposes. It supports integration with third-party tools and solutions built on EVM-compatible networks, including modules, registries, and smart contracts. It enables identity validation and discourse functionality. The platform plans to integrate with chat platforms to facilitate proof of personhood whilst hosting its own chat platform for discourse.

The FREEDOM Foundation is responsible for building partnerships with various organizations and companies across sectors to provide benefits to its users. The FREEDOM CLUB is a combination of the FREEDOM ecosystem and its significant partnership program. The club will provide numerous benefits which would be facilitated by its Foundation and ecosystem. These benefits include offering services to third parties, giveaways, and awards from the FREEDOM Foundation, marketing, advertising, networking, etc.

The available benefits will vary according to the membership tier, including individual

team/group, educational/non-profit, enterprise/institutional, and government. To become members of the FREEDOM CLUB, users have to stake their FREEDOM Utility Tokens, according to their tier.

FREEDOM Utility Token

The FREEDOM Utility Token is the cryptographic token of the FREEDOM ecosystem. It serves as a reward token for active participants in the DAOs and FREEDOM Network. Holding the token grants users access to token-related functions and features on the FREEDOM Platform and FREEDOM Network. It is a multi-network ERC-20 token that can be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks.

The total supply of FREEDOM Utility Tokens will be 200 million, part of which will be airdropped publicly and privately. Users can purchase it on various decentralized exchanges. There would be no new FREEDOM Utility Tokens after the initial release, additional tokens will be earned through staking from the FREEDOM Platform treasury.

The staking reserve contains finite resources for rewarding early participants and controlling the circulating supply. FREEDOM has two methods of staking: direct staking for staking-based DAOs and liquidity pool staking for users who want to serve as liquidity providers. FREEDOM is set to be the first decentralized collaboration platform that allows non-technical users to form a global network economy.

Real-Life Situations Of Freedom DAOs

Freedom MetaDAO is a platform with minimal impact on the environment and a second to none user experience. it ensures that all members are rewarded accordingly and offers a platform where opinions of each member are attended to as well as grievances. Therefore,  Freedom  helps to facilitate understanding in real time, the problem faced by workers as a result of the management and to propose ways to alleviate or completely solve the problem thereby enhancing the worker-management relationship.