Cryptology Digital Asset Trading Platform Sends Over $300K to Support Ukraine

Cryptology’s initiative has been active for the past few weeks, garnering a lot of warm sentiments coming from the community.

Cryptology has responded to the dreadful situation in Ukraine by sending more than $300,00 in aid to support the country’s populace. The Innovative digital asset platform leads by example in its humanitarian cause to aid Ukrainians living in difficulty following stringent economic sanctions.

In a demonstration of support and concern, the company made a crypto donation equating to $300K. It follows that crypto donations are unseizable as they are immune to national as well as political ties, thereby making this mode more value-adding as opposed to having funds sent to your bank account.

Per the announcement, the Cryptology team has organized a philanthropy intervention aimed at supporting people experiencing different forms of difficulty as concerns the restrictions by financial institutions.

Citing the communication, every beneficiary would receive 25 USDT, with more than 12,000 Ukrainian residents participating. It is a common belief among the Cryptology team that as war victims, Ukrainian civilians ought not to be threatened or suffer restricted freedom on grounds of nationality.

Beyond that, the company also sent financial support to some of their new clients that have, in one way or the other, been affected by the militia activities taking place in the Eastern Europe country. Per the report, this support was a 25 USDT sent directly to their individual savings balance on their Cryptology Earn accounts.

Prioritizing Accessibility

Cryptology is a novel cryptocurrency trading platform that provides all-inclusive solutions for retail as well as professional traders. The platform was set up in 2017 and serves more than 160 countries in different parts of the world. The platform trades a monthly average volume of more than $900 million. Furthermore, Cryptology also offers leverage for future contracts of up to 100 times, alongside spot trading and other market privileges like low fees.

In efforts to ensure that clients enjoy accessibility for where investment items are concerned, trading experts at Cryptology oversee a collection of market-bland derivative trading strategies under strict thresholds of minimal risk and maximal profit.

According to industry pundits, there are no legal agencies, political groups, or government personnel involved in this initiative. However, the team at Cryptology knew that funds would be limited despite their commitment to reaching the ordinary folk in Ukraine that are in dire need.

The platform supports card payment for buying all digital assets with so much as a few clicks. Additionally, you also enjoy 24/7 customer support that further elevates the platform’s Cryptology Earn feature where users earn 20% Annual Percentage Yields (APY) on their Bitcoin, USDT, DAI and even USDC.

Gratitude from the Team at Cryptology

Research has it, however, that Cryptology’s initiative has been active for the past few weeks, garnering a lot of warm sentiments coming from the community. In turn, the project team is also very happy and appreciates the efforts and expressions of support and gratitude that they have received.

Citing their communication, the team was happy about the reviews from the community from their TrustPilot account, as well as the heartfelt messages channeled through various social media platforms commending the company for their benevolent acts.

In closing, Cryptology is steadfast in ensuring that the public remains aware of the company’s availability to the Ukrainian investors and traders looking to buy digital assets. In this regard, they explain that it is an easy procedure, that only requires disclosing one’s credit card data, the quantity of your intended investment (in USD or EUR), and the cryptocurrency you are looking to buy.

Contrary to the other exchanges, Coinbase included, that have blocked IPs coming from certain countries in light of regulatory forces, Cryptology intends to protect users from bans and restrictions. To this end, the exchange leverages the provision of vital services, especially during such desperate times.

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