C+Charge Set to Enter Stage 3 of Presale in Less Than 48 Hours After Raising Over $1m — Only $600k Left Before Price Rises

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C+Charge, the new peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain-based project, is set to enter the third phase of its ongoing presale, with over $1 million raised in investment so far. Only about $600,000 is left to be generated before the CCHG token’s price increases from $0.01450 to $0.01600.

Now is the best time to buy.

C+Charge: The Hottest Project in the Crypto Space Right Now

C+Charge is a versatile crypto project designed to disrupt the electric vehicles (EV) industry by integrating a seamless payment system for EV charging stations deployed on blockchain technology. The EV-solution project will be a catalyst for EV adoption as drivers will be able to seamlessly pay for their vehicle charging via its native token, $CCHG, and earn incentives for doing so.

The blockchain project’s core functionalities have propelled keen interest from investors, with its presale surging to the moon. With over $1m presale investment generated, there’s only around $600,000 left to be raised before the end of phase two of its presale in less than 48 hours.

Once phase two ends on February 15, the $CCHG token price will increase from $0.01450 to $0.016. Similar to the days of Shina Inu, early investors of $CCHG are braced to earn a massive profit of 80% by the time presale officially ends. The C+Charge payment solution is currently unrivaled due to its core features. However, there’s more to this versatile project.

Core Utility Features of the C+Charge Ecosystem

Now that we have glimpsed at the economic potential of C+Charge and its native token, $CCHG, let’s look at the project’s core features that make up its ecosystem and why traders should buy its crypto asset now.

The world has relied on fossil fuels for decades which have been a major catalyst for environmental carbon emissions. Electric Vehicles (EVs), as well as the concept of carbon credit to provide incentives for individuals and businesses to eradicate carbon emissions, have been integrated to combat this issue.

The incorporated EV and carbon credit industries have enjoyed massive adoption over the past decade. However, the infrastructure setup has not been able to provide EV drivers with a seamless experience.

The existing charging structures are insufficient to support the mass switch from fossil-powered to electric vehicles. Additionally, since available charging stations depend on electrical power grids, the pricing of recharging is never transparent.

The introduction of C+Charge solves this issue and integrates carbon credits into the EV charging industry. By harnessing blockchain technology, C+Charge creates a unique EV charging system that rewards drivers with carbon credits.

Some other notable features include the real-life utility of web3, which helps investors to access a potential 2.4 trillion-dollar carbon credit economy and carbon credits shared with EV owners for simply recharging their vehicles.

The platform also integrates a robust application for users to track charging prices and credit balances at EV stations.

While the broader crypto market strives to break a bearish run, buyers are constantly searching for crypto assets that could fetch massive returns, similar to the run of Shiba Inu in 2021. Given C+Charge’s vast features and ability to solve real-life problems in the EV industry, it could be one of the best crypto assets in the market.

Vast Growing Adoptions in the C+Charge Platform

The innovative EV-charging solution powered by blockchain technology has secured its first global collaboration with Perfect Solutions Turkey, adding up to 20% of the EV stations to the C+Charge network.

The EV-solution project is on a stride to success as it features visionaries in its development team, with Ryan Fishoff spearheading the project’s mainstream objectives as its strategic advisor (SA).

Ryan is the present CEO of American Wealth Mining Corporation, a renowned and popular project operating in diverse sectors, including crypto, financial education, fintech, retail, nutrition, and wellness. As of press time, C+Charge has received capital funding from 360 Crypto Economy of $250,000, which is a massive addition considering its early debut.

C+Charge is a major propeller in the widely anticipated greener future. As investors buy into the sustainable project token via presale, they can position themself into the blockchain-fueled revolution — now is the time to buy.


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