Cardano Founder Looking to Hire an Architect for His “Many Projects”

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Hoskinson wants to hire an architect.

Charles Hoskinson, a prominent cryptocurrency entrepreneur and founder of Cardano, has announced that he is looking to hire a full-time architect. Hoskinson said the architect would work on his “many projects.”

Notably, Hoskinson did not specify the project’s nature or the job’s requirements. However, he asked Cardano community members and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts to forward their resumes to his email.

“I’m hiring a full-time architect for my many projects. I’d love to take resumes. Please send them to  [email protected],” Hoskinson tweeted.

Hoskinson Not Responding to Enquiries

Many people have indicated an interest in the job since Hoskinson posted the vacancy. Some are seeking further clarification on the job opening posted by Hoskinson. 

The official Twitter handle of a Cardano stake pool, MYLO, asked whether people outside the United States could apply for the job.

Since posting the job opening, Hoksinson has not replied to any of the comments, which could suggest he may be busy screening or has selected a “suitable” person for the job.

Meanwhile, the development comes days after Hoskinson slammed Crypto Banter founder Ran Neuner AKA Cryptoman Ran, for his “unfair” representation of Cardano. 

“YouTubers that shilled Solana and Luna aren’t giving Cardano a fair representation and using biased sources! Excuse me while I catch my breath from the profound surprise and shock….” Hoskinson wrote.

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