BlockSec Spots Suspicious Activities on BSC Network; Suspects Hacks

  • BlockSec identified some suspicious activities within the BSC network.
  • The platform informed that a specific address is suspected to launch attacks by exploiting the flash loan callbacks.
  • It also explained that the attack involved the creation of dummy trades.

The blockchain security platform, Blocksec, destined to provide reliable security services through its cutting-edge research, spotted and informed the crypto aspirants about “some suspicious behaviors” on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

On February 4, Blocksec tweeted that a specific address, is suspected to launch attacks on BSC:

In detail, the platform identified that the wallet with the address 0x52fb0518e43b3d8d6d5af4f12961234a671cfd8e would inflict the BSC network with several attacks by “exploiting the flashloan callbacks of some contracts (trading bots?) to harvest tokens”.

Interestingly, to make the findings more transparent, BlockSec illustrated with an example of an attack on a transaction via a specific user address:

As an example, the attack contract (0x9301) directly called the BiswapCall callback of the bot and pretends to be a Biswap pair. The bot contract then transfers tokens to the attack contract and made a dummy trade.

Notably, through the example, BlockSec tried to elucidate the processes involved in attacking the network with the aid of a “dummy trade”.

In a subsequent tweet, BlockSec added that the initial fund came from Tornado Cash, the open-source, non-custodial decentralized cryptocurrency tumbler. Later, the harvested tokens were transferred from the attack contract to the attacker.

So far, the community hasn’t reacted much to the information; the comments received by the tweeter are minimal. The only comment received said that the transactions seem just “like a Financial maneuver”. 

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