Bfarm Debuts a ‘Stake and Earn’ BNB and BUSD Referral Program

Bfarm Debuts a 'Stake and Earn' BNB and BUSD Referral Program




Bfarm. Co, a novel yield farming program, allows users to maximize their income through staking their native Binance tokens to earn quick staking yields on the BSC network. Also, the users gain from the extensive referral system by inviting more BNB users onto the platform.

BFarm is a farming investment forum established to reward the community and for the community. The contract primarily comes into play in a moment like this, when the crypto ecosystem is experiencing some significant market instability.

BFarm provides users with a set and stable daily income. It also offers stake rewards in Return on Investment (ROI). This platform has a plan for short-term investors aiming for quick returns, and the return rate is built to ensure little to no effect on the long-term investors. This plan has 16 days lockup return of 188% and a 2% giveaway bonus instant credit.

The users can earn a passive income by staking a minimum BNB stake of 0.05 BNB Max unlimited or a minimum BUSD stake of 10$ Max unlimited within 8 Days Lockup, returning 140%. For the individual who wants to set a monthly investment, there is a strategy for this optimal return and comprises a 25 Days Lockup return of 245% and a 3% Giveaway Bonus instant credit.

Referral program




BFarm’s referral program feature has five levels with various benefits:

Level 1- 5%

Level 2- 3%

Level 3- 2%

Level 4- 0.5%

Level 5- 0.5%

The platform is unassailable for users looking to maximize their income through staking since it was cleared of any backdoors, scam scripts, and vulnerabilities by Hazecrypto security audit.

As per BFarm’s whitepaper, the goal of this program is to grow a community that consistently profits users that will be passionate about its mission to build high-quality DeFi apps.