Bankrupt Voyager Sells Off $56M Worth Of Assets In Last 24 Hours

  • Voyager sold $56 million worth of assets in 24 hours including 27,255 $ETH.
  • Voyager received 33.7 million USDC from crypto platforms including Binance US and Coinbase.
  • Voyager approved the selling of assets and transfer of customers to Binance US in a $1.3 billion deal.

Crypto tracker, Lookonchain tweeted a thread claiming that Voyager “keeps selling assets!” According to the post, Voyager sold $56 million worth of assets in the last 24 hours.

Furthermore, the sale of assets included 27,255 ETH worth $42 million USD, 11 million VGX valued at $6.3 million USD, 400 billion SHIB worth $4.4 million USD, and 160,000 LINK worth $1 million USD.

Moreover, the crypto lender Voyager received 33.7 million USDC from crypto trading platforms including Wintermute Trading, Binance US, and  Coinbase.

The tweet revealed that Voyager currently holds $757.8 million worth of assets, including 459.8 million USDC. Additionally, the crypto firm is holding 102,306 ETH valued at $157.7 million USD, 122.4 million VGX valued at $61.7 million, and 4 trillion SHIB worth $44.2 million, alongside 1.28 million $LINK worth $8.5 million.

Voyager’s assets also include 8.95 million MANA worth $4.9 million, 6.6M FTM valued at $2.4 million, 454,805 APE worth $2 million, 3.44M SAND worth $2 million, and 3.9M ENJ valued at $1.55 million.

Voyager has been given the go-ahead by bankruptcy Judge Michael Wiles to sell its assets and transfer its customers to Binance’s U.S. arm in a deal worth $1.3 billion. As part of the deal, Binance U.S. will pay $20 million in cash to Voyager and purchase the digital assets.

Meanwhile, the value of the customers’ assets, estimated at $1.3 billion in February, makes up the majority of the acquisition’s worth. Despite the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s(SEC) “limited objection” to the deal, citing a lack of information on Binance’s ability to complete the acquisition, Judge Wiles approved the acquisition.

Voyager’s financial advisor noted in court that the company required up to four weeks to review the acquisition details and could still reject the offer. The announcement follows a lawsuit filed by FTX‘s Alameda Research against Voyager Digital seeking to recover $445.8 million in loan payments made before FTX’s bankruptcy filing, which was filed a month earlier.

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