BabyDoge Enters Top 100 Cryptos, & OKX Integrates BabyDoge Swap

BabyDoge is now ranked among the top 100 crypto projects on Coingecko.

Leading canine-themed token BabyDoge has been one of the top-performing crypto assets that recorded a tremendous rally over the weekend. Yesterday, BabyDoge rallied over 30% to a 24-hour high of $0.000000003512. Aside from yesterday’s rally, BabyDoge also saw massive gains in the past 30 days, the meme-based cryptocurrency rallied by 206.4% in the monthly charts.

The tremendous rally of BabyDoge pushed the token to rank among the top 100 cryptocurrencies on Coingecko. According to Coingecko data, BabyDoge is ranked as the 93rd-largest crypto in the world, with a market cap of $552.27M.

BabyDoge Announces Giveaway

The official Twitter handle of BabyDoge drew the community’s attention to the latest feat by tweeting about the development. BabyDoge also announced a giveaway of $500 as a way of celebrating the milestone.

To participate in the exercise, members of the BabyDoge community are required to follow the Twitter handle, comment #BabyDogeSwap, and retweet the announcement. The team behind BabyDoge said it would randomly select a winner.

What’s Fueling BabyDoge Rally

It is noteworthy that the recent rally of BabyDoge is attributed to the ongoing burn campaign the team has been carrying out over the past few months. TheCryptoBasic has covered a series of BabyDoge burns made by the team, including the latest incineration of 682 trillion tokens worth $1M that took place earlier this month.

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In addition, the announcement of the launch date for the BabyDoge burn portal could also be a contributing factor to the rally. As reported, BabyDoge said the much-anticipated burn portal would roll out on February 13.

BabyDoge is no doubt the top crypto project with the highest burn rate. Since BabyDoge went live on June 1, 2021, the team has incinerated over 202 quadrillion tokens from its 420Q supply. Despite the hefty amount of tokens burned, the team is still looking to burn more from the supply to boost the asset’s price.

OKX Integrates Baby Doge Swap

BabyDoge recorded a major achievement today as leading exchange OKX said it has integrated the cryptocurrency’s decentralized exchange, dubbed Baby Doge Swap, into its wallet and discovery page.

Following the announcement, Baby Doge Swap users can connect their OKX wallet web extension to the decentralized exchange to swap, and trade supported crypto cryptos.

BabyDoge took to Twitter to highlight the significance of the initiative, saying:

BabyDoge’s Popularity Soars

Meanwhile, BabyDoge’s popularity has grown tremendously in recent times. In a recent poll created by crypto media outlet Cointelegraph, BabyDoge received the highest vote (43%) for the dog coin people are willing to buy ahead of the next bull run.

The poll, which attracted over 35K votes, saw the vast majority, representing 43%, opt for BabyDoge ahead of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

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