Avalanche (AVAX) Set to Onboard 50 Million More Users, Owing to This Gaming Partnership

Avalanche, a Layer-1 smart contract blockchain, announced in a recent tweet that Loco, India’s largest esports streaming platform, will onboard its over 50 million users to Avalanche with the launch of LegendsByLoco, an NFT marketplace for esports fans worldwide.

By launching a subnet and joining the Avalanche multiverse incentive program, the Indian streaming industry pioneer will increase Avalanche’s rapidly expanding presence in Asia.

In its tweet, Avalanche made it known that 85% of major game developers are already using Loco, and over the past year, the platform’s daily active user count has increased by 900%.

Other gaming publishers, like Krafton, Activision Blizzard and Riot Games, have also partnered with the Loco platform.

Loco Legends targets a different fanbase, the Indian esports gaming leagues, in its effort to reinvent fantasy games on Subnet. Almost 165,000 individuals have already registered for the upcoming NFT marketplace.

As part of the partnership, Loco will develop a set of Web3 products that will deliver cutting-edge fan experiences using a customized Avalanche subnet.

In fantasy sports games, players form and trade their teams to compete against one another. Almost $22.7 billion is being made annually by the global fantasy sports market.

Another fresh chapter in the narrative of Avalanche’s expansion in Asia is marked by Loco’s Avalanche Subnet. Avalanche initiatives were recently unveiled by both Japanese game pioneer GREE and Chinese technology behemoth Alibaba. Loco will operate its Avalanche validators, similar to GREE.

Source: https://u.today/avalanche-avax-set-to-onboard-50-million-more-users-owing-to-this-gaming-partnership