Aura network to unveil ‘Xstaxy’ mainnet

Aura network, a Layer-1 NFT-centric blockchain, has announced its plan to unveil its ‘Xstaxy’ Mainnet by October 1. The venture announced the development in a press release on its official platform. The mainnet project will serve as a mechanism for solving the challenges of NFTs currently encountered within the crypto and web3 spheres.

Founder & CEO at Aura Network, Giang Tran, hinted that the imminent unveiling of the mainnet project reaffirms Aura’s commitment to attaining significant milestones. Tran added that with this move, Aura is a step forward to actualizing the vision. According to him, the firm has built the NFT ecosystem of the future, starting as the best user experience chain of Cosmos. The CEO hinted that “one of our most important missions is to drive the mainstream users from the traditional market to the industry of NFTs by optimizing NFT use cases and utilities toward the simplest way.”

Recall that the network had in April initiated its two testnets, known as ‘Serenity’ and ‘Halo.’ These testnets were an experimental phase for early adopters to experience their first features. Now, the project is at its “Euphoria” testing stage. According to reports, the stage entails about  55 validators devised to analyze the security and decentralization features of the project. This stage, as reported, will prepare the project for its full unveiling in October.

At the various phases of the ‘Xstaxy’ mainnet, the Aura network concentrated on ensuring that the major and crucial dApps become executed. It is also working towards ensuring that all the project features are functional during its unveiling. The firm, however, intends to continuously upgrade the project’s features to aid users’ experience.

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In May, the network initiated the first use case with Artaverse. Aura collaborated with a renowned website, VnExpress, to create musical exhibitions capable of attracting the performance of top-tier singers. These musical creations were consequently converted into non-fungible tokens and relayed to collectors.

According to Aura, “one of the most definite advantages of any chain lies in its ability to support an ecosystem of open contributors to BUILD.” It believes the number of dApps running on a chain determines how users and builders can interact with it. Aura believes its network is developed with the most efficient mechanism for building blockchain applications, Cosmos SDK. This mechanism, as reported, gives developers a total “open-source flexibility and simplicity to build a complete Cosmos SDK application in just a few hours.”

Additionally, the firm intends to sustain its development of various NFT use cases for SocialFi and GameFi. This will enable the firm to be at the forefront of the main chain, thereby developing and nurturing the NFT ecosystem of the future.


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