Aura Finance (AURA) Breaks into Top 20 DeFis as TVL Eclipses $500 Million

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Vladislav Sopov

Balancer-based on-chain yield farming machine Aura Finance (AURA) jumps into top ranking of DeFis


Aura Finance (AURA), a protocol that allows stakeholders of Balancer’s (BAL) liquidity pools to maximize their rewards and governance power, shares the details of its impressive milstones. Its key metrics eclipsed those of DeFi majors Yearn.Finance, GMX, Synthetix, dYdX and Abracadabra.

Aura Finance (AURA) yield optimizer sees its TVL above $500 million

According to the official statement shared by the Aura Finance (AURA) team, in mid-October 2022, its USD-denominated amount of assets locked by users (total value locked, or TVL) spiked over $500,000,000. In the last five weeks, it witnessed a more than 100% increase.

As demonstrated by leading on-chain protocol dashboard DeFiLlama, Aura Finance (AURA) amassed more than $250 million in TVL since mid-September. The protocol is also the fastest growing DeFi app in the top 50 by TVL across all blockchains with smart contracts.

Currently, Aura Finance (AURA) ecosystem comprises 37 liquidity pools. The average APY rate available for its customers is over 30.4%. Clients get rewards in veBAL tokens, the LP bonus currency on top of DeFi Balancer Protocol (BAL).


Recently, the protocol organized NFT initiatives for its tokenholders: special digital collectibles (Rare Aura Mediators) were distributed among the holders of Vote Locked Aura (vlAURA) assets.

Multi-chain releases might be on menu

Aura Finance (AURA) instruments are leveraged by the communities of many mainstream DeFis. For instance, Inverse Finance clients use them to maximize their yields on Balancer (BAL).

Aura Finance (AURA) enthusiasts are fascinated by the opportunities unlocked by their platform and the opportunities it offers to newbies and investors.

Also, its teams hinted at future multi-chain products released under the Aura Finance (AURA) umbrella.