Analyst Draws Similarities Between Oryen Network (ORY) Presale, Early BNB, and SOL

Oryen holders snatch profits as ICO first phase ends. BNB, Tamadoge and IMPT holders joining in




Crypto adherents have taken note of the 570% gains made by Oryen Network (ORY) since its presale launch, making it one of the most sought-after projects in the crypto space. As more and more analysts draw similarities between Oryen Network’s growth trajectory with that of BNB and SOL, traders are becoming increasingly interested in what makes ORY so special.

Understanding Oryen Network

At its core, Oryen Network is a multi-use cryptocurrency platform designed to facilitate staking, trading, and asset management. It recently released teasers of its platform, which show significant development on the dashboard and Oryen Swap. This open-source blockchain protocol offers a fixed APY of 90%, or 0.177%, daily rewards that are paid out every 60 minutes. Its unique auto-staking feature is facilitated by Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT). At the same time, users can also stake ORY tokens without transferring custody of assets to others or via staking contracts for increased security.

These features make it similar to BNB and Solana, two popular platforms amongst traders and investors alike, due to their extensive suite of features that appeal to both beginners and experienced users. For example, BNB’s decentralized exchange boasts over 450+ markets with access to low trading fees, while Solana provides a secure network for developers who wish to build high-performance applications powered by smart contracts. 

When compared, however, it’s evident that Oryen Network offers something unique in the form of its treasury system, which is backed up by the Risk-Free Value wallet (RFV). This system ensures ORY token holders receive regular dividends through a reward pool, depending on how much they hold in their wallet at present. Additionally, unlike BNB and SOL tokens which are mostly used as payment methods or exchanged for other coins/tokens on exchanges – ORY tokens allow users access certain services within Oryen Network app as well as allow them to share yields from different trades on the platform all from within their wallet interface.

Final Thoughts




Overall, when looking into each project independently – it becomes clear why each has seen such strong traction lately. With market sentiment low at present, this could be considered an ideal entry point for those who are looking for presales likely to launch into new macro uptrends in the near future – especially when considering the increase in price since Oryen’s presale opening less than two months ago.

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