a new GameFi in MetaRace

Subverting the model of the blockchain game: a new GameFi in MetaRace




Since the beginning of the year, the performance of the entire crypto market has been less than satisfactory but in this market full of uncertainty, what is lacking is never the opportunity but the spirit of being good at discovery and daring to try. This is especially true for blockchain games. More in-depth research and lateral thinking are needed to discover great dark horse projects. So, will there be another great project in this year’s blockchain game market?

Taking the metaverse game as a model, the large-scale GameFi MetaRace known as the horse racing game ‘where the real-world and the metaverse collide’ is preparing for its official launch. The MetaRace developers put a huge amount of effort into their creations and build with frequent updates to ensure it was perfect before being unleashed to the market.

In gameplay, the game designers have added many elements such as breeding, competition, collection, auction, racing, and social interaction to reach all tastes and preferences meaning that players can choose any of these to join in on the action. The impeccable graphic design, diverse gameplay, and fair game rules prove that MetaRace is not an ordinary product but a masterpiece of a metaverse game with truly diversified gameplay.

Another reason why MetaRace is outstanding is also closely related to its token design. MetaRace has a double token circular economy, in META and RACE. $META will be used as the race registration fee, $RACE will be used as the competition reward and both are needed for breeding fees. The game settings of MetaRace also follow the fundamental market rules; for example, game item prices will fluctuate due to the influence of market demand. With this in place, horse racing and any equipment NFTs will be in demand within the game meaning buyers and sellers have substantial transaction needs and opportunities to enrich their game experience. This usage of NFTs will improve their liquidity.

MetaRace shows off the deep thought and hard work of the team for an entirely new concept as shown by it being the first blockchain game to have a real racehorse – and members have been hugely excited to bring the traditional sport to the crypto market. It’s clear that MetaRace is already molding a future with a brand new competitive metaverse world as its aspiration is to redefine blockchain games, the metaverse, science fiction, and freedom of creation and choice has started!




After analyzing MetaRace in its entirety, I have more substantial confidence and higher expectations for the metaverse game. MetaRace will be officially launching soon. Stay Tuned!

Website: https://www.metarace.io/ 

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