90.3 Million Dogecoin Wired by Anonymous Whales in Past 24 Hours

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Yuri Molchan

As per the recently shared blockchain data, anonymous DOGE whales have shifted over 90 million of the top meme crypto over the past several hours


  • 90.3 million DOGE on the move
  • Over 3 million MATIC shifted by whale and Binance

According to the data provided by @DogeWhaleAlert Twitter account, over the past eight hours, several crypto whales have moved over 90 million Dogecoin, which constitutes $15,562,406 in fiat currency.

Meanwhile, a major ETH whale has bought another crypto popular amount top 1,000 largest ETH holders – a large amount of Polygon’s MATIC and Binance moved twice as much as that purchase to an anon address.

90.3 million DOGE on the move

Large holders of digital currency (widely known as “whales” in the crypto community) have conducted fourteen major transactions, carrying a total of more than $15.5 million worth of the largest meme cryptocurrency.

The largest transaction carried 15,499,637, which totals $2,684,336. The amount of Doge carried by the other transfers here varies from 1 to 5 and 8 million Dogecoins.

The largest transaction fee here was to send the aforementioned 15.5 million Doge – and so the fee amounted to 103.37 Doge or $17.90. The lowest fee today has been 0.014 Doge ($0.002).

As for the other transfers, the transaction fee did not exceed $1.5, mainly holding below $0.5 for one Doge transfer.

At the time ow writing this article, the largest meme crypto is changing hands at $0.1723, as per the data provided by CoinMarketCap. On January 2, the coin managed to rise to a $0.176 high but did not hold there for long, descending to $0.1715 earlier today.

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Over 3 million MATIC shifted by whale and Binance

Data provided by WhaleStats and Whale Alert crypto trackers shows that over the past day, two transactions, carrying large amounts of Polygon’s native token MATIC, have been performed by cryptocurrency whales.

One of them has been identified by WhaleStats – that is “Light” wallet, holder of the top 4 position on the platform’s scale. They have purchased 1,337,000 MATIC tokens worth $3,315,760.

The other transfer was made from Binance exchange to an anonymous crypto wallet. 2,614,308 was sent in this transaction – that constitutes $6,738,727.

Source: https://u.today/903-million-dogecoin-wired-by-anonymous-whales-in-past-24-hours