37M Shiba Inu Burned in 24 Hours, Single Wallet Burns 20M Shib, Rewards 19M

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Shiba Inu’s community Burns 37 million Shiba Inu in 24 hours.

Single wallet burns 19.8 Million SHIB. Overall, Shiba Inu Community burned 37.45 Million SHIB while performing eight separate burn transactions in the past 24 hours.

Single Wallet Burns 19.8M

Major Community-led SHIB Burn Project sent a whopping 19.86 Million SHIB to the “inferno” addresses in a single transaction.

Shibburn.com recently reported a major burn transaction from the most prominent SHIB Burn Project, “SHIB Super Store.” Per the report, the individual burn project has permanently removed a staggering 19,862,288 (19.86M) SHIB from circulation forever in one significant transaction executed about a few minutes ago while using SHIB Burn Portal.

Later, SHIB Super Store noted that apart from Burn, the project successfully distributed 19,000,000 (19M) SHIB among the community as a giveaway.


As per the official Twitter handle of SHIB Super Store, the project has now destroyed an astounding 3,271,044,875 (3.27B) SHIB. The project has been dedicated to Burn SHIB since November 2021 and continuously shows its commitment to burning billions of SHIB in the coming years.

Apart from this, the deep-pocketed investors continue to invest millions of dollars in the world’s second-biggest canine-themed cryptocurrency, SHIB. As reported earlier by TheCryptoBasic, two major Shiba Inu Whales accumulated a humungous 555,818,134,743 (555.81B) SHIB in exchange for $5,442,787 ($5.44M).

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