VeeFriends Surpasses $500 Million in All-Time NFT Sales

Despite the steep decline in overall monthly sales volume, VeeFriends NFTs continue to surpass new milestones in the non-fungible token space. 

VeeFriends has been a valuable project in the adoption of digital collectibles by the mainstream since its May 2021 launch, reaching a total sales volume of $500 million, according to Be[In]Crypto research. 

This landmark comes as a huge boost to the NFT space which has seen declining monthly volumes throughout 2022. 

Other digital collections in the running for the most sales volume include, but are not limited to Moonbirds, CloneX, Azuki, Otherdeeds, NBA Top Shot, Art Blocks, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), CryptoPunks, and Axie Infinity.

Source: NFT All-Time Collections Rankings by CryptoSlam

New to VeeFriends? 

VeeFriends is an NFT collection created by Belarusian-American Gary Vaynerchuk. The collection was created to bring life to the ambitions of the business executive in building a community around his passions using smart contracts and exposing them through non-fungible tokens

By being a VeeFriend NFT holder, you become a part of the VeeFriends Community and get exclusive access to VeeCon, a multi-day conference centered on discussions by well-established and emerging leaders in NFTs and popular culture. 

Back in March, when NFTs were starting to struggle in sales, VeeFriends generated around $19.19 million in volume. 

Looking at the spike in the number of unique buyers from May 2021, the increase in sales volume led to the platform’s soaring transaction counts, with 4,477 unique buyers, and 9,161 transactions. By the end of the month, VeeFriends’ sales volume was approximately $53.21 million. 

Source: May 2021 Sales Chart by CryptoSlam

VeeFriends reached an all-time high monthly sales in the region of $343.83 million in August 2021. Although the number of unique buyers of 477 was an 89% decline from May’s high, the average sale value was relatively higher. VeeFriends average sale value was $434,673.29 in August, a 7,384.24% increase from May’s $5,807.85.

Source: August 2021 Sales Volume Chart by CryptoSlam

Other months which contributed significantly to VeeFriends’ sales were September 2021 ($32.58 million), January 2022 ($18.93 million), and April 2022 ($13.98 million).

VeeFriends’ total sales for June were around $2.28 million at the time of press.  


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