Paulo Renftle: the “Trust in Me” NFT drops today

Today, 2 June 2022, at 5 PM (CET)., photographer Paulo Renftle will release his NFT short film entitled “Trust in Me” on in collaboration with Poseidon DAO Genesis. 

Collectors interested in the work will also be honoured with an NFT of the short film poster itself, for participating in the drop, regardless of the bid amount.

Who is Paulo Renftle

Paulo Renftle’s passion for art and photography, cultivated in his family, led him to take his first Polaroids in New York at the age of ten, fascinated by the power of this tool, capable of capturing light and time. 

He began his career at the age of twenty, when he shot his first international campaign in Bali, for a well-known sportswear brand. The island of the gods became a recurring set for his photo shoots. 

Later, his love for luxury watches and cars led him to collaborate with the most prestigious brands in the industry.

Over the years, he made several short films, including “Verdi” dedicated to the great composer, shot in his Milanese residence, rich in symbolism and hidden messages, premiered at the Odeon cinema in Milan.

Paulo had already made NFTs in the past, in particular photographs of the Miura car in the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum. All the NFTs in this collection sold out immediately.

As a photographer, Renftle has worked with hundreds of brands such as Hublot, Montblanc, KilIan, KMO Paris, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes and many more.

Technical details on the making of the NFT

Paulo Renftle
The new short film NFT by Paulo Renftle

The short film was also made in collaboration with actress Laura Barth, and was shot entirely with a medium format sensor and Hasselblad lenses in a custom Cine setup.

The geometric patterns are generated by kaleidoscopic movements on a golden spiral and the animation of the nebula is digitally painted, both inspired by real visions with eyes closed. 

Paulo Rentfle went on to explain that “directing and filming the Royal Python was an incredible experience”.

Synopsis of “Trust in Me”

In the red dimension, the protagonist encourages herself to take a substance in order to understand reality. Is it perhaps part of the tree of knowledge? Through leaving the usual plane, she reaches the blue dimension where her subconscious, the serpent, reassures her using words from an ancient sacred book

From an opposite temporal perspective, she is invited to open her eyes, in an endless repetition that recalls the cyclical nature of existence, with unknown, but unconsciously well-known images.