Nike Scoring High in NFT Sales Volume


  • A recent data unveiled the total NFT sales of leading companies in the sector.
  • Nike is on top of the charts, surpassing the major organizations.
  • Fashion brands in the metaverse are getting popular everyday.

Nike on Top of The NFT Charts

NFT and the metaverse sector are always attracting big names into their space. No matter if it’s a sports brand, fashion brand or any other brand, these industries have a huge potential to lure them into this magnificent realm. People are embracing top brands in virtual worlds, and the recent surge in Nike NFT sales is the latest example of this.

A researcher recently took it to Twitter, revealing that Nike has surpassed top brands in the NFT sales volume. The organization had a total volume of $185.21 Million at that time. Nike is a top sports brand which the majority of sports teams around the globe prefer as their sponsor, jersey partner and more. Manchester United, the biggest club in the history of football is among the teams to partner with the brand.

Nike’s most fierce rival Adidas comes nowhere close with respect to the sales volume. It has a total NFT revenue of $10.95 Million, standing on number 5 after Dolce and Gabbana ($25.65 M), Tiffany ($12.62 M) and Gucci ($11.56 M). This data shows that top brands have a potential to spread their magic in the physical as well as the virtual worlds.

Fashion Brands in The Metaverse

Fashion brands are well-aware that people love to show off various skins in games. Metaverse is a perfect place to take advantage of this fact. Many brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Balenciaga etc. have entered the metaverse already.

Louis Vuitton introduced a game dubbed Louis The Game in commemoration of the organization’s 200th anniversary. Players control the avatar of Vivienne, the founder of the organization. The game contained NFTs which the users can collect over the course of the journey.

Balenciaga, a leading boutique company, entered virtual worlds in collaboration with Fortnite. It offered 4 items as digital collectibles from its vast collection. The users can use the digital avatars dubbed Doggo, sporting the Balenciaga outfit, in the metaverse. Dior, a fragrance company, joined hands with Ready Player Me to enter the metaverse.

Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger have marked their presence in the metaverse too. Burberry joined forces with Mythical games to launch an NFT collection, whereas Tommy Hilfiger used Animal Crossings: New Horizons to enter the digital world, then shook hands with Roblox, another metaverse gaming platform.