Myria Launches Exclusive P2E NFT Game Metarush Preview

Myria, a blockchain game developer, is offering a limited number of demo slots for Metarush, its first non-fungible token (NFT) game.

Myria is seeking feedback to help improve the game during the alpha development stage. Only a limited number of players will be invited to participate in the demos, and they will be given the opportunity to complete a full level of the game prior to the beta testing phase.

To apply for a demo slot, interested gamers must fill out an application form and have a PC that meets the minimum requirements.

Metarush leads Myria’s NFT gaming ecosystem

Metarush is a quirky NFT racing game developed on the Myria blockchain. The game is an obstacle runner with a battle royale twist, set across different places in a metaverse based on known and unknown galaxies. Each race has unique landscapes, inhabitants, and power-ups that players can collect to gain advantages over other players.

The goal is for players to beat the other players to reach the finish line, as only the fastest players will survive.

As NFTs are unique and not interchangeable, they have become increasingly popular in blockchain gaming to represent ownership of rare in-game items and digital assets that can be collected, used in gameplay, and traded.

Metarush players will be able to customize their runner avatars with NFT outfits, skins, and items, and in time transfer those NFTs to other Myria Studios games. Myria plans to expand its gaming ecosystem in 2023 with the release of more upcoming games.

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While Metarush is still in the early development stage, Myria Studios has been providing sneak peeks of the game by posting screenshots on the Metarush Twitter account. Myria is planning to release a closed marketing demo soon, so interested players should keep an eye out for an announcement.

What makes this game even more unique is that it is “play and earn”, as opposed to “play-to-earn.” While the P2E model has popularized NFT gaming, many of the games require players to purchase NFTs before they start, creating barriers to entry when the value of NFTs rises. Metarush addresses this with its “play-and-earn” approach, allowing players to earn prizes based on their skill in-game without the need to buy NFTs upfront to enter the game.

Myria aims for seamless Ethereum scaling

Myria is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain solution that is built to scale digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain gaming. The blockchain uses zero-knowledge (ZK) roll-up technology to provide fast transaction processing, free NFT minting, and zero gas fees, aiming to attract the next generation of gamers with a seamless experience.

ZK-rollup technology is enabled by smart contracts on the Ethereum network. ZK rollups process transactions off the blockchain in batches, which reduces the amount of on-chain processing required and speeds up transactions.

Myria has a thriving community of over 300,000 users, and more than 220 projects are in development on the blockchain.

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