MetaWin Supports Turkey Earthquake Disaster Relief Efforts with Mutant Ape NFT Prize

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, the Web3 competitions platform, is calling the wider Web3 community to support those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey. The tragedy has left over 50,000 people dead and 500,000 evacuated from the disaster area. The people of Turkey need our support now more than ever.

As part of its commitment to “do better” in Web3, MetaWin has decided to donate a rare and valuable NFT, “Mutant Ape #1835” to the cause. The 20 ETH ($31,000) Mutant Ape will be the prize of a competition on The competition is free to enter, however multiple entries can be obtained by donating funds via the smart contract on the website. All donations will be held in the smart contract for the duration of the competition and released to the AHBAP Association on completion, a charity organization working tirelessly on the ground in relief efforts.

At the end of the competition, MetaWin’s smart contract will call Chainlink’s VRF ‘on chain’ random number picker and will then automatically transfer the Mutant Ape NFT to the lucky winner, at the same time releasing the ETH to contract address 0x52a032cF59eA274f9D745f29b6D514fe95Ba192D for onward payment to AHBAP. offers a free to enter option, but donations are encouraged, as they can make a vital difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster. With the support of the community, emergency relief supplies, including food, water, and medical aid, can be provided to those in need. The rebuilding efforts, including the reconstruction of homes, schools, and critical infrastructure, can also be supported.

MetaWin calls on all Web3 projects, influencers and investors to share this event. Please join in showing Web3’s generosity and compassion by donating to enter today. Every contribution, no matter how small, will help make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster.

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The competition will conclude on Good Friday, April 7th at 3PM Eastern. Metawin thanks all participants and all those raising awareness at this time.

For more information, please visit or contact their PR team at [email protected]


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