Goobers NFT In Trouble As Founder Gambles Away Investors’ Funds

The well-known Twitch streamer DNP3, who founded a number of businesses including the metaverse platform Gridcraft Network and NFT collection Goobers, However, he acknowledged using investor funds for gambling on Tuesday.

During his Twitch stream, he admitted to having a severe gambling addiction.

Goober’s founder claims he was dissatisfied.

DNP3 asserted in his statement that he used every dollar he could find in an effort to win. DNP3 claimed that despite making significant gains, he ultimately lost it all because he was dissatisfied. After spending every last penny of his personal savings, he claimed that, in order to make up the difference, he turned to investor funds. Although he understood that his actions were reckless, he also knew that it was too late to undo this error.

The publisher of Twitch claimed that in addition to losing his confidence, he also went bankrupt financially. He continued by saying that he worked with a support group to get out of this mental state.

Goobers sold a total of 968 ETH.

How much money has been lost is unknown. Following the announcement, CluCoin’s price fell by 72.25%, and The Goobers project’s market capitalization fell by 20.5%. The Goobers sold 968 ETH in total, or roughly $1.1 million, according to CoinGecko.

According to CoinGecko, today’s Goobers (GOOBERS) price floor is $21.12, with a 24-hour sales volume of 0.8 ETH. As of today, there are 14575 NFTs in circulation, with 4375 unique owners and a total market cap of $307,755.73.

Onepad has also been involved in gambling.

Similar circumstances were evident in the case of the NFT launchpad, Onepad. Shankkar (of the OnePad Team) made the decision to gamble away every penny that the launchpad had earned, and he ultimately lost it all very quickly.

However, Shankkar left the project soon after accepting six months’ pay plus 2% of the profits. Onepad announced that it would close in April.

These situations shouldn’t be sympathized with because they involve misappropriating client funds, a crime that is subject to the law.

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