Deviants the Most Diverse and Upcoming NFT collection of 2023 Offers Discounted NFT Prices and Guaranteed Airdrop Rewards

  • Users in the mint pass allowlist can purchase for only 0.06 ETH instead of 0.08 ETH Public Mint Pass price and will receive guaranteed $RVV token airdrop rewards.
  • A maximum of 8,000 Deviants Mint Pass NFTs will be sold starting from Jan 3, 2023 1pm UTC.

Are you ready for the biggest NFT collection of 2023?

Well, the Deviants from the Astra Nova MetaRPG game are dropping their Deviants Mint Pass NFTs in January.

Delve into the immersive, adventurous gameplay backed up with the most beneficial perks, web3 gaming has ever seen through the Deviants NFTs. These 10,000 fully animated VFX enabled in-game characters will open a door to the exciting interstellar journey of the Astra Nova game on Hedera.

These characters have 15 different species and have over 520 traits making them one of the most diverse NFT collections of all time. The Astra Nova team has spent over a year and vast resources perfecting the Deviants and they’re no joke in terms of production quality! The Deviants NFT also has its own dedicated Roadmap and has a very detailed plan for its in-game characters.

Holders of the Deviants Mint Pass will be able to claim their Deviants NFT on the launch date towards the end of January. The Deviants Mint Pass Event enables early users to buy into the Deviants’ collection at a discounted price and guarantees Airdrop Rewards for whitelisted users.

The public mint pass price of the Deviants NFT is 0.08 ETH, but Allowlisted users will be able to mint them for just 0.06 ETH. The Airdrop rewards, which is a total of 30 million $RVV or approximately $240,000 USD worth awaits the users.

What are the Deviants?

The game’s post-apocalyptic theme spotlights the original inhabitants of Astra Nova – the Deviants. Players will encounter these 3D collectible characters as they step into the Astra Nova macrocosm. Each Deviant has its unique design and story, and owning one unlocks many aspects of Astra Nova’s game world, and secret quests.

Furthermore, Deviants are the key to unpacking the hidden history of Astra Nova. Beyond the game, Deviant NFTs offer holders early access to game development, concept art previews, and lore distribution with its own dedicated webcomic series. You can read more about their utility over here.

How to Sign Up for the Allowlist and Airdrop?

Users who want to qualify for the allowlist and get the guaranteed airdrop and the lowest cost for minting Deviants need to follow the required actions on this page. The mint pass event lasts until January 20. Users should have a wallet for Ethereum, like Metamask,to mint the Deviants Mint Pass NFT and a Hedera-based wallet, such as Blade Wallet, to receive the Airdrop rewards.

Deviants Mint Pass Supply Allocation

Deviants are a collection of 10,000 NFTs. The exact launch of the Deviants NFT would be announced after the Deviants Mint Pass Event gets over.

There is a maximum of 8,000 Deviants Mint Pass NFTs up for grabs from Jan 3rd – Jan 20th 2023. However, only half, or 4,000, of that will go to an “allowlist,” a list of users who qualify for the token airdrop and mint pass. A total of 3,500 will be allocated to a public mint pass, letting users mint Deviants for a lower price but slightly higher than those in the allowlist at 0.08 ETH. Lastly, 500 will go to a free mint pass list, allowing users to mint Deviants for zero costs.

  • Max Deviants Mint Pass supply: 8,000
  • Allowlist Deviants Mint Pass: 4,000
  • Public Deviants Mint Pass: 3,500
  • Free Mint Pass supply: 500

Where to buy the Deviants Mint Pass NFT?

Go to Deviants Mint Portal to mint your Deviants Mint Pass NFTs. Mint will be live from January 3rd,2023 1 pm UTC.

About Astra Nova

Astra Nova is a free-to-play Web3 MetaRPG on Hedera. It features AAA graphics and is built on Unreal Engine 5. The game stretches gaming experiences with its ever-evolving storyline, unique action adventure quests, multiplayer battle royales, stealth missions, speed runs, special quests tailored to NFTs, solo missions, customizable RPG character races, and a lot more. Astra Nova has several partners and backers, including Hedera Hashgraph, Microsoft Founder’s Hub, Nvidia inception program, Polygon DAO, BTS Ventures, Wise Crypto, Blade Wallet, GameEon, and several Indie Game Studios.

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