CertiK Claims To Discover $4.3M Porsche NFT Phishing Scammer

  • Web3 security firm CertiK finds $4.3 million Porsche NFT phishing con artists.
  • Messages revealed the scammers may be identified as “Zentoh” and “Kai.”
  • If the evidence is true, the scammer might be a French national living in Russia.

The blockchain security company CertiK thinks it has identified at least one of the scammers linked to the “Monkey Drainer” phishing scheme. Moreover, the person or people responsible for the phishing scam have used fraudulent imitation NFT minting websites to steal millions of dollars worth of ether (ETH).

The phishing fraudster known as Monkey Drainer employs smart contracts via an “ice phishing” technique to steal NFTs.

In a blog post, CertiK stated that it discovered on-chain communications between two con artists who were responsible for a recent $4.3 million Porsche NFT phishing scam. The blockchain security company was also able to connect one of them to a Telegram account that was involved in the sale of the Monkey Drainer-style phishing kit.

One message showed a person identifying themselves as “Zentoh” and calling the individual who took the money “Kai,” respectively. Additionally, Kai didn’t give over a portion of the stolen money, which seemed to enrage Zentoh. In the message from Zentoh, Kai is instructed to deposit the illegally acquired money “at our address.”

The joint wallet address acquired $4.3 million in stolen cryptocurrency, according to CertiK. The company went on to say that there is a “direct link” between the joint wallet and “some of the most well-known wallets used by Monkey Drainer scammers.”

CertiK discovered a large number of additional internet identities that might be connected to Zentoh, including one on GitHub that published repositories for crypto-draining tools.

If the connections between the accounts are genuine, it identifies a French national who resides in Russia.

Unfortunately, phishing attacks that deplete cryptocurrency wallets have been very effective lately. A similar scam cost Kevin Rose, the co-founder of the Moonbirds NFT collection, nearly $1.1 million in personal NFTs that were lost.

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