Cantina Royale Taps Elrond Apes To Boost It’s In-Game Cross Chain NFT Collections

Vaduz, Lichtenstein, 28th June, 2022, Chainwire

Cantina Royale and Elrond Apes are teaming up to enhance the appeal of the upcoming top-down tactical arcade shooter with play-to-earn mechanics. Elrond Apes NFTs will be featured in the game and become usable across single and multiplayer battle modes.

Elrond Apes is yet another popular NFT collection to be bootstrapped into Cantina Royale. Additionally, the Bored Ape Yacht Club will be integrated in Q3 2022.

Collaborative efforts are an essential aspect of the NFT industry of today and the future. Cantina Royale is a highly-anticipated free-to-play play-to-earn game and embraces some innovative technologies to enhance the industry’s interoperability and composability.

Verko’s interoperability protocol is a crucial part of the Cantina Royale ecosystem. It enables NFT collections to become fully functional and playable 3D in-game characters. For Elrond Ape holders, that means using their favorite and most popular assets in the game. Furthermore, Verko’s protocol will bring a set of exclusive traits and assets of the 3000 Elrond Apes NFT collection to Cantina Royale. 

Those perks include the 1% lifetime earnings for all future recruited Space Apes. Adding such substantial liquidity to Elrond Apes increase the collection’s appeal and offers a valuable incentive for long-term holding. 

Daniel Sagi of Cantina Royale added that “Seeing NFT interoperability come to life with renowned NFT collections like Elrond Apes always feels like getting one step closer to the core tenet of blockchain technology. By bringing the Elrond Ape and Cantina Royale community together, I’m certain that this partnership will be a shiny case study for interoperability while everyone enjoys playing with their favorite NFTs.

The minting of an initial collection of 3,000 Elrond Apes NFTs will occur in the second half of July 2022. That initial collection allows holders to play the Cantina Royale game, with assets being redeemable once the Elrond Apes reveal takes place a few weeks later. 

Elrond Apes holders will receive access to the lending platform. Through lending, NFT holders can tap into a passive revenue stream where they earn from digital assets by lending them to others. Rewards are earned as their borrowers do, with tokens allocated every week. 

Karl Thomas of Elrond Apes concluded that: Cantina Royale’s innovative vision to bring the first of a kind free-to-play play-to-earn game was one that Elrond Apes wanted to be part of. From Lending, to breeding to playing the game with their favorite NFTs is where our communities will enjoy. Their innovative interoperability protocol will reach mass market and partnering with them and having unique Elrond apes part of the game, is an exciting endeavor

About Cantina Royale

Cantina Royale is the first title incubated by Verko, a Layer 2 Metaverse experience framework. Founded by Koby Menachemi and Daniel Sagi, Verko is a 40-person strong team with diverse multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

Verko acts as a plug-and-play mechanism that any game can use to tap into the benefits of blockchain technology through the use of APIs.

Cantina Royale is a 15-person passionate development team, with dozens of years of experience in game development.

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About Elrond Apes

Elrond Apes comprises 10,000 3D apes that are unique and randomly generated. The collection is working to assemble an NFT community on Elrond made up of collectors willing to participate in an amazing adventure. Creators enjoy a 10% royalty fee for every purchase made.

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