Cantina Royale Game Announces Its IDO & NFT Drop On The Maiar Launchpad

Cantina Royale, the popular and first real-time play-to-earn shooter game on the Elrond blockchain, prepares for its upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and NFT drop, unlocking all crucial P2E functionality. The token sale and NFT drop will occur on the Maiar Launchpad, and registrations will open on June 22, 2022. 

Cantina Royale has attracted tremendous attention for its play-to-earn approach. Building a real-time shooter with P2E mechanics and energy efficiency has catapulted the game to the forefront of GameFi and Web3. More importantly, the game is free-to-play, tremendously lowering entry barriers for everyone eager to participate in the native game ecosystem. 

To advance the Cantina Royale mission, the team prepares to organize its Initial DEX Offering on the Maiar Launchpad. Maiar is the native launchpad service provider of the Elrond ecosystem, the carbon-negative and user-friendly blockchain, and benefits from the network’s fast settlement and efficiency. Moreover, Maiar has positioned itself as a gateway for innovative projects to reach a broad audience of enthusiasts, investors, and supporters. 

The Cantina Royale IDO on Maiar will see tokens sold for the price of $0.04 per $CRT. There will be an initial circulating supply of 131,855,000 $CRT out of a maximum supply of 1 billion $CRT.

This is not just another IDO on Maiar but embodies the first-ever token & NFT bundle sale. Cantina Royale will offer 5,000 NFT units to the Elrond community via the Maiar Launchpad and 10,000 NFT units to the public.

Cantina Royale Game

These bundles feature the unique Genesis Space Apes collection, a set of 15,000 Space Apes representing the only collection to earn rewards from future-recruited NFT characters. Each Space Ape earns 1% of all in-game earnings from future generations descending from it. If every NFT has six recruitments, the Genesis NFT owner will get 1% from 1,296 NFTs after four generations. 

The Genesis Space Ape features other benefits, too, including:-

  • The way to play and earn in the game.
  • Lending NFTs to earn passive income.
  • Access to recruiting (breeding) to generate more NFT “offspring”.
  • 1% of the rewards of any descendant of NFTs – for an unlimited number of generations – will accrue over time.

Cantina Royale sold 150 million tokens during a private sale at $0.03 per CRT, raising $4.5 million. The public sale, where the team will sell 37,500,000 tokens, will help the team raise another $1.5 million. 

Cantina Royale caters to all gamers thanks to its cross-platform and barrier-free interactive blockchain game. Players can experience the Cantina Royale game on Android, IOS, and desktop operating systems. Moreover, players can leverage in-app purchases to acquire NFTs regardless of their chosen platform. 

In addition, its Lending Platform makes borrowing NFTs a breeze, removing the need for an initial investment or prior crypto knowledge. 

About Cantina Royale 

Cantina Royale is the first title incubated by Verko, a Layer 2 Metaverse experience framework. Founded by Koby Menachemi and Daniel Sagi, Verko is a 40-person strong team with diverse multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

Verko acts as a plug-and-play mechanism that any game can use to tap into the benefits of blockchain technology through APIs. 

Cantina Royale is a 15-person passionate development team with dozens of years of experience in game development.

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