Blurred Blur Clears Error Via Offering 50% Refund to NFT Traders

  • Blur offered some traders with 50% refunds.
  • A pseudonymous client lost 70 ether on the NFT marketplace.
  • Blur platform claims to be “The fastest NFT marketplace”

Error to be Corrected 

Blur platform claims to be “The fastest NFT marketplace”; it is providing few traders a refund of 50% soon, after many users incurred a loss of 70 ether (ETH~ $1276 at the time of publication) because of the platform’s poor interface.

An anonymous user pointed out the Blur’s new bidding system fault in a tweet. Going by the name “Keungz” on December 7, the person wrote “I lost 70eth when I was using the new bidding system of @blur_io Fat fingers and lack of sleep in web3, made this tragedy happen. However, it would avoid if it has a good UI/UX .I’m not going to complain but want to give my advice and make the web3 world better.”

While posting the complaint, the person also stated that it might be due to the human error that resulted in the incident. This event took place after the pseudonymous Keungz deposited around 140 ether in a bidding pool and by mistakenly given 70 ether in an Art Gobblers NFT. 

As the media reports suggest, dating in October 19 2022, Venture Capitalist funded NFT marketplace Blur launched a free crypto in the form of an airdrop to the new users containing an unrevealed number of BLUR tokens gifted. 

For the Users, To the Users …..

According to the official website, Blur as the NFT marketplace offers advanced analytics to manage users’ portfolio, snipe feature disclose faster than anyone else. The users can Sweep across multiple marketplaces to “execute trades faster and make more money on Blur,” with 0 platform fees. 

Blur NFT marketplace claims itself to be “10X faster than Gem,” showing the pendings detected by Blur in just 0.4 seconds whereas Gem in 9.4 seconds. The largest NFT marketplace OpenSea acquired NFT aggregator firm Gem in April 2022, to provide users with “pro experience.”

The largest NFT marketplace OpenSea ranked first with 44.3% in the month of November in terms of total NFT sales volume of approx $394 million.

Blur NFT marketplace replied in a thread on Twitter- “We originally considered the bid mistake to be a user error because there was no bug in the product per se. After evaluating further, we see how this can be considered a bug from the user’s perspective, so we will refund 50% to traders who were affected by this UI behavior.”

On December 8, Blur remarked in a Twitter thread, “For completeness, our explicit policy is that we’ll try to refund users for platform bugs. For user errors, we’ll improve the UI to reduce errors but not issue refunds. If an issue seems to be a mix of a bug and a user error, we will adopt a middle ground on a case-by-case basis.”

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