Bill Murray Enters Oceanside NFT party: Project Venkman Hyped

  • Legend Bill Murray initially thought NFT stood for National Federation of Tennis. 
  • Later grasped the idea of NFT for the benefits it provided. 

When a big name is associated with a project, it greatly enhances the chances of its success. Recently Bill Murray, the face of a distinguished celebrity NFT collection, walked into a members-only Oceanside NFT party. 

Like most people alien to NFT, Bill initially thought it was some sports league. Speaking to the media, “I didn’t know if it was the National Federation of Tennis or tumbleweeds, or what. I didn’t know what it was exactly. Then when I found out what it was, I was truly confused – even more confused when I thought it was a pro sports league.”

Jackson, Bill’s son, then told the media that the comedy legend of “Ghostbuster” and “Lost in Translation” fame grasped the idea of a tokenized project that could be a part fan club or part autobiography and could also provide access pass to events where the holders can party with the legend himself. A truly mouth-watering proposal. 

A few days ago, Murray and the partners at Web3 startup Project Venkman and the comedy website The Chive delivered as promised. “The Bill Murray 1,000 NFT Project,” a members-only bash at an Oceanside, California golf course, where Bill chatted with fans for hours, led pie-eating contests, and cracked jokes.

The event was wild as fans enjoyed “Bill Murray stories” while proving the model for an NFT celebrity project providing exclusive utility. The project is hoping to target numerous Murray fanatics with future live events and is cautious not to dilute the appeal, keeping fingers crossed that the model translates the enigmatic charisma of Bill Murray. 

Speaking to the media, Murray said that he would only do NFTs if they could be fun and do some good in the process. The beneficiary of the sale was Chive Charity, along with some other causes. The event supported Goat Hill, which locals took over and rehabbed in 2014 when the rich developers eyed the land. NFTs touch the story, urban legends, and myths from Murray’s career and life, co-written by the man himself, before being uploaded on the blockchain. 

Speaking about it, Bill said:

“It seemed like it might be something of an interesting project, and it made me focus on trying to remember stories of my life before I forget them.”

Murray’s NFT fills all the checkboxes, providing generative artwork of the actor, access to written stories from the actor’s life, a ticket to live events, and a private community. His NFT collection went live on Coinbase NFT last year and managed 857 ETH worth of primary sales, nearly $1.4 million today.

The first batch of Original Bill (“OB”) NFTs providing access to the first event of July was sold out in just 30 seconds; Gavin Gillas, CEO of Project Venkman, spoke to media saying the creators were taking a 10% fee over, the secondary market sales. 

Murray’s charisma made OB buyers spend 1.5 ETH, nearly $1,850, to join. Project Venman is based on his “Ghostbusters” character. 

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