Zero Season One delayed as developers ensure balance

Illuvium recently announced a delay in its Zero Season One. The reason behind the delay is to ensure the marketplace remains functional and balanced during the update.

Illuvium users, known as rangers, were informed about the delay on Discord and Twitter. The game provider released a brief post on its official Discord to notify users about the delay. 

The post states how Illuvium’s dedication to offering the best gaming experience is causing a delay in Season One’s launch. Illuvium is granting more time to users to conduct tests and share feedback on the new feature.

Users can still buy and sell resources as part of the game. The marketplace will be a critical aspect of the game, so developers must get it right from the get-go.

The upcoming patch, Illuvium Zero Alpha version 0.1.4, is set to accompany several bug fixes and upgrades based on the feedback. Illuvium wants to ensure that the game remains fun and balanced for every player before Season One.

The game provider has requested that users keep up with its social media channels for the latest updates. Seeing how rangers are eagerly waiting for Season One, the delay caused a stir among them. It even enticed new users to look for an Illuvium guide and understand how it works.

Users are accessing these guides to learn more about the game, as Illuvium has yet to announce the release date for its blueprint distribution. Since the recent delay was facilitated to ensure better performance, users are quite pleased with Illuvium. Their dedication to offering the best gaming experience is a virtue that will certainly ensure the game’s market success.