Winners, News And Notes On 6/5/22

WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 from Chicago, Ill. advertised a Hell in a Cell match between an injured Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in Part 3 of their current feud. Rhodes defeated Rollins in their previous two pay-per-view matches. Hell in a Cell also featured Bianca Belair defending the Raw Women’s Championship against Asuka and Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat match. The lone SmackDown match pitted Happy Corbin against Madcap.

Hell in a Cell was attached to budding rumors of Bray Wyatt returning to WWE. Wyatt sparked speculation after changing his Twitter Handle to Wyatt 6.

“Everything good that’s ever happened to me, first came a period horrible suffering,” said Wyatt in a cryptic tweet.

“I never ask why, I just wait for the rough part to end. I was chosen for whatever reason. And I’ve got shit to do. It doesn’t hurt anymore, it burns.

I’m ready now⭕️”

Though he did not return at Hell in a Cell, Wyatt would be a welcomed addition to WWE’s roster with both Roman Reigns and Randy Orton currently dormant. WWE may also be without Cody Rhodes moving forward, who suffered a partially torn pectoral muscle.

This week’s broadcast of WWE Raw garnered a near-record-low 1.497 million viewers for its Memorial Day broadcast. Memorial Day adversely affects Raw ratings on an annual basis. Tonight’s Hell in a Cell broadcast faced stiff competition from Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 Match Card

  1. Bianca Belair vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch | WWE Raw Women’s Championship
  2. Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins | Hell in a Cell
  3. Bobby Lashley vs. Omos and MVP
  4. Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens
  5. Theory vs. Mustafa Ali | WWE United States Championship
  6. Finn Balor, AJ Styles and Liv Morgan vs. Judgment Day
  7. Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin

WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 Results on June 5

Bianca Belair def. Becky Lynch and Asuka

During the ring introductions, Becky Lynch received a heel reaction, Asuka received a mixed reaction while Bianca Belair received an overwhelmingly babyface reaction.

Part of the story was Asuka constantly breaking up nearfalls, thereby saving Bianca Belair’s championship.

Shortly after this match received “this is awesome” chants, Becky Lynch delivered an impressive Disarm-Her between the first and second ropes.

Bianca Belair won this match by stealing a pinfall from Becky Lynch. Despite being booked like a heel throughout this match, this crowd exploded for Belair’s win.

Bobby Lashley def. Omos and MVP

Cedric Alexander said he’s going to do what he does best, come behind and “clip that knee.” There’s an endless list of Cedric’s wrestling moves that are way better than that.

MVP released an awesome diss track on Bobby Lashley ahead of his match against Bobby Lashley. It was the best video hype package since “Running up that Hill” in 2010. At one point, MVP said “even though your name is Bobby I got brains like Heenan.”

Omos hit Lashley with a stiff front suplex and poor Lashley landed directly on his right shoulder. Hopefully, it wasn’t the same shoulder that was injured earlier this year.

Bobby Lashley teased he was going for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship while posing on the turnbuckle. Lashley later absconded a replica WWE Championship and celebrated with it. Cedric Alexander cost Omos and MVP this match after being brushed off in a segment earlier. Good on him.

Kevin Owens def. Ezekiel

There were big “Zeke” chants in Chicago, which flew in the face of all those “Ezekiel isn’t going to get over” people—and boy were there a lot of them.

Kevin Owens took a filthy upside-down bump in the turnbuckle that sent him flying onto his back.

Chants of “He’s Elias” rang out in the Allstate Center as this storyline continues to connect.

Judgment Day def. AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan

After endless teases of a new member of Judgment Day, hopefully WWE can pay this off during a premium live event.

Judgment Day’s colors appear to be black and purple, so for those keeping score, they’re ripping off both House of Black and The Dark Order.

Finn Balor pasted Damian Priest’s chest with one of the loudest chops you’ll ever hear.

This was WWE’s answer to the “party match.” Everybody involved worked hard and got the match over.

Madcap def. Happy Corbin

The first (and only) SmackDown match of the night came one hour and 48 minutes into the show.

Fans quickly broke into a “we want tables” chant. Happy Corbin brilliantly used this to get heat by teasing he was going to get a table, only to shove it back under the ring.

Instead of rallying behind Madcap Moss, fans only continued to chant “we want tables.” This match ultimately ignored them, which tells me there’s a table spot planned for the Hell in a Cell main event.

Happy Corbin was stretchered out of the arena after being pillmanized by Madcap. Hopefully, Happy Corbin will come back with a new gimmick as well.

Theory def. Mustafa Ali

The ring announcer made sure to introduce Mustafa Ali as “Chicago’s own” Mustafa Ali, and these fans followed suit by going crazy for him throughout this match.

Mustafa Ali has been booked poorly throughout this feud. If WWE beat him in Chicago in front of his friends and family, that’s the only thing that could make this storyline worse.

There was a sloppy exchange where Ali didn’t get full extension on a superkick to a midair Austin Theory.

Austin Theory executed a picture-perfect modified Spanish on Ali, who’s the king of both giving and taking that move.

WWE decided it would piss this crowd off right before the main event as Theory prevailed.

Cody Rhodes def. Seth Rollins

In the video package for this match, Seth Rollins said “they used to sing my song,” only for fans to sing his theme music.

Seth Rollins cosplayed as Dusty Rhodes in a hilarious moment. The “Visionary” Seth Rollins character swings and misses a lot, but when he connects he hits them out of the park.

Cody Rhodes took his robe off to reveal an extremely bruised pectoral muscle. Fans immediately went silent as even Corey Graves described them as “aghast.” He was clearly gutting this one out.

Seth Rollins dominated this match for the first half, even putting on Rhodes’ robe during the assault.

Fans quickly went from showing concern for Cody to exploding for Rollins when he introduced a table into the match. They even chanted “thank you Rollins.” As predicted earlier, it was indeed Rollins who went through the table.

In the most climactic moment of the match, Cody Rhodes challenged Seth Rollins to an impromptu bullrope match.

Rhodes finally hit a pedigree, and even used a sledgehammer. Hopefully he wasn’t giving these spots away so early into his return because he expects to be out for a while.

For more on this match, and Cody Rhodes’ injury, click here.