What’s Next For Multi-Talented Actress Amanda Jaros After ‘1883’

Actress Amanda Jaros hit her stride going from ABC’s ‘Women of the Movement’ to the highly-anticipated Yellowstone spinoff 1883. Similar to the show’s many fans, Jaros hoped for another season of 1883. Unfortunately, earlier this month it was announced the series would not continue.

“While we were filming the show, there was a general expectation that the next season of 1883 would skip a generation or two,” Jaros said. “So, while it’s disappointing to not be able to follow some of the same characters as this season, 1883 feels complete.

“I think Taylor (Sheridan) will continue doing a great job developing the Dutton family heritage in the sequel. I trust he knows the story he wants to tell and I am excited to see it unfold.”

Amanda, who portrayed “Alina” in 1883, looks back at working on the show as an incredibly positive experience.

“I’ve said it before, but everyone really poured their blood, sweat and tears into making 1883,” the acress said. “I love the friends I’ve made. I’m proud of the work that everyone has been able to accomplish. It wasn’t an easy show to coordinate or film, but certainly rewarding in the end. I’m really thankful to have been a part of it.”

The way Amanda dedicates herself to her work was evident in her crafting of her performance as Alina. She dove deep into research to do the character justice.

“I wanted to learn why an Eastern European immigrant would travel to Texas and then why she’d want to travel further west. I wanted to understand why she was married to a Romanian man when she’s from a different culture and develop a backstory of why Alina would agree to be put into these circumstances.

“Ultimately, in the kingdom of Bohemia in the 1880s there were high unemployment rates, overpopulation, and increasing poverty. Those circumstances really forced Alina out of her country to desire a better life for herself and I like to think she met Mikel, her husband, essentially on the trip over.

“In the backstory that’s not on the show, but written in my own head, she’s supposed to be living this newlywed experience with this new man that she loves and they’re wanting to create a better life for themselves and have more land and be in surroundings they’re more familiar with, a climate they’re more familiar with. Just this idea of starting a family together and wanting a better life for themselves really motivated her until it obviously comes with trial, or trials I should say.”

What separates Amanda from other actors who land big projects is the other hats she’s able to wear for a production. Jaros wrote, directed, produced and acted in the short film Disavowed, a period piece that was filmed in 48 hours and made the rounds at the Burbank Film Festival and La Femme International Film Festival. Her other writing credits include The Tom and Jerry Show (2019-2020) on Boomerang and Tom and Jerry in New York (2021) on HBO Max.

So what’s next for the Amanda? She’s currently in development and pre-production on three dramedy indie features that she has written and will act in. Jaros also plays “Kristin Linde” in A Doll’s House, a feature with a new take Henrik Isben’s 1879 classic play that’s currently in post-production and will hit the festival circuit soon.

“I have so many goals,” Amanda said. “There are a number of screenplays that I’ve written that I’m looking forward to making. They are live action feature films, one of which I’m hoping to make this year if the timing works out.

“Really, the overall goal that I made for myself has been to work on powerful stories that make an impact in the world. That comes with responsibility. For instance, with Women of the Movement, even though I played someone who would be considered on the villain team, ultimately it was important for me personally to carry on conversations about racial injustice, the fight for equality, educating people on the history of the civil rights movement, and having conversations that rotated around each of those topics.

“So even though my character and I had little in common when it came to wanting a just outcome, I felt the responsibility to play that character to be a part of the story that was so important for people to know. And then on my side of things, personally, to be able to be responsible in that.

“Like 1883, what are the themes and motifs of that? It’s utterly important for a society to remain healthy and for community to be bonded in order to survive. So I think those are important themes to discuss for the world and those are the types of stories that I want to be a part of.

“And you can also see for instance in Yellowstone, what are the dangers of seeking vengeance? What are the consequences of that sometimes? Or how does love help you selflessly fight for someone else? These are all important themes that I’m so grateful to be a part of. I really like being a part of stories that make a difference.”

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottking/2022/03/22/whats-next-for-multi-talented-actress-amanda-jaros-after-1883/