What To Stream This Weekend On Netflix, HBO, Peacock, Amazon Prime And More

TGIF! It’s finally Friday evening and you can clock out, head home and kick-back-and-relax. It’s also the middle of winter, and there’s no better time to just stay home and turn on a good movie or TV show and order some Chinese food or pizza.

Fortunately, there’s always something new to stream on the plethora of streaming services we have at our fingertips these days. This weekend we have action, science-fiction, horror and some much-needed comic relief. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, basically.

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Violent Night (Peacock)

Violent Night is basically Die Hard with Santa Claus instead of John McClane. I mean, Die Hard has always been one of the best Christmas movies, so it only makes sense to up the holiday ante. Of course, this particular Santa Claus—played by David Harbour—is also a drunk and a bit of a mess, but he gets the job done. The film just became available to stream on Peacock.

I interviewed David Harbour recently if you want to learn more about his fitness regimen and favorite season of Stranger Things.

JUNG_E (Netflix)

From Yeon Sang-ho, the director of the wonderful zombie movie Train To Busan and the less wonderful but still pretty interesting Hellbound, JUNG_E is a South Korean sci-fi action-thriller that sounds pretty fun though I have yet to watch it myself. Cyborg battles, A.I. warriors, some cyberpunk intrigue. Sounds fun to me (though if you haven’t seen Train To Busan you need to watch that!)

That 90s’ Show (Netflix)

I admit, ever since I heard about That 90s’ Show—a sequel series to That 70s’ Show—I’ve been a massive skeptic. The original show was great and this one is landing in a time when quality is less important than checking boxes and faithful adaptations and sequels are diamonds in the rough. Still, it’s reviewing pretty well with both critics and audiences and should be a fun dose of nostalgia. We’ll see how accurate it is to the 90s!

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The Last Of Us (HBO Max)

This is a terrific new zombie drama on HBO Max based on the Naughty Dog video game. It’s one of those rarest of video game adaptations that’s actually really damn good. The story follows survivors of a mysterious fungal pandemic that turns people into mindless zombies that are fast, extremely dangerous and part of a connected hivemind. It’s dark, emotionally powerful and really well-written, produced and acted. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m also recapping and reviewing the show here on this blog each week if you’d like to follow along.

Read my review of The Last Of Us right here.

Men (Showtime)

Well this one looks really damn creepy. If you like weird A24 movies and fever-dream thrillers, Men should tickle your fancy. Alex Garland, who directed Ex Machina, directs, and Jessie Buckley (of the really strange I’m Thinking Of Ending Things) stars in a film about a woman who goes to the English countryside—and straight into a terrifying nightmare. Looks pretty niche—a love-it-or-hate-it film. But if you haven’t seen Ex Machina yet, please check that one out as well!

The Legend Of Vox Machina (Amazon Prime Video)

I absolutely adore The Legend Of Vox Machina, a delightful, crude, hilarious, exciting animated series based on the Critical Role D&D campaign. Wonderful characters, lots of adventure, beautiful animation—what’s not to love? Season 1 was fantastic, and from what I’ve watched of Season 2, it’s going to be even better.

I interviewed the talented cast of voice actors which you can read right here, or check out part 1 of my video interview below:

What NOT To Watch

Unless you enjoy hate-watching TV shows, I would pass on Velma, HBO’s other big new release. The prequel series to Scooby-Doo is truly terrible, a giant swing-and-a-miss from Mindy Kaling and HBO. It’s managed to unite the internet, at least. Nobody likes this unfunny animated disaster!

You can also check out my list of best TV shows of 2022 in case you missed something from last year. The nice thing about dipping into stuff that’s already out is even shows that released weekly are bingeable now.

Is anything else on your streaming radar this weekend? What did I miss? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook.

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