Web 3.0 Launch Fashion Metaverse With K-Pop Girl Band & PFW Star

The Animoca Brands and its portfolio company BNV, which is on the platform of Web 3.0,  takes great pride, pleasure, and excitement in the announcement of its spectacular launch of an exclusive fashion metaverse, and to excite the scenario, roped in the PFW upcoming, and very popular star, Victor Weinsanto, together with the famous K-Pop all-girl band, Lightsum.

The man who will be responsible for crazily lighting up the fashion industry, Victor Weinsanto, who incidentally is the prime blue-eyed boy of Jean Paul Gaultier himself, was responsible for the extravagant launch of the Paris Fashion Week, along with an entourage of the who’s who of the fashion industry.

Now, with a paradigm shift to the metaverse, Victor Weinsanto made his mark by introducing eight virtual-based trendy designs, all for the fashion glory of the K-Pop all-girls band, Lightsum. The Web 3.0 outfit BNV (Brand New Vision) specially created the very look involving this visual array of designs. The plan and vision, retrospectively, is to sell the garments in the form of tokens and NFTs. All of this is to be followed by access to spectacular shows and concerts. 

According to the man himself, Victor Weinsanto, the whole idea behind the initiation of this game-changing exercise was to consider the fact that various opportunities and options automatically open up while creating multiple exquisite designs for the metaverse. 

In this scenario, the designer’s focus does not have to shift from the creation of the sheer pieces of art, in the form of garments, to the specifics of fittings or any other real-world aspects but concentrates entirely on the look and finish. Shortly, plans are also afoot for capturing and transferring entire fashion extravaganzas onto the metaverse.

Source: https://www.cryptonewsz.com/web-3-0-launch-fashion-metaverse-with-k-pop-girl-band-and-pfw-star/