Warzone 2’s New Resurgence Map Has Leaked Online

We’re nearly halfway through the first season of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 and I’m having a pretty good time—other than all the bugs, crashes and the absolutely awful menus. (More on all that to come).

I do miss a few things from the previous Modern Warfare and Warzone, however. I miss Gunfight mode a lot. That’s a Modern Warfare mode similar to the Gulag in Warzone, where teams of two or three compete in short, tactical matches on small maps. It’s one of the best modes to come to Call Of Duty in the franchise’s history, and I’m eagerly awaiting its return (and praying that it doesn’t end up like War Mode from Call Of Duty: WWII, another wonderful innovative mode that Activision abandoned).

The other thing I miss—other than a functioning UI and sensible menus—is Resurgence mode in Warzone 2. Unlike Battle Royale, Resurgence is much faster-paced and comes with a cool twist: As long as you have squad-mates still standing, you can respawn and drop back into the map until resurgence is turned off in the final minutes of a match.

This makes for much more hectic, much less tedious, matches. You spend a lot more time playing the game and a lot less time being dead and spectating your buddies try to buy you back. I do love that the Gulag gives players a second chance, but Resurgence is just a lot more fun for me, blending the best of Warzone and multiplayer into a single mode. I miss it and I wish that Activision would at least activate Al Mazrah Resurgence, cordoning off smaller portions of the map and activating respawns. (It’s not the same as Mini Royale which is coming in the midseason update).

I have new reason to hope, however, as it appears a brand new small map for Warzone 2 Resurgence mode has leaked online. The new map, which isn’t yet named, was leaked to the Warzone subreddit and appears to support 50-player lobbies, 24v24 Ground War and DMZ, which is something I hadn’t considered before.

The map has ten named locations and appears to fall somewhere between Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep in terms of size (and shape). The locations are:

  • Shipwreck
  • Residential
  • Water Treatment
  • Castle
  • Power Plant
  • Greenhouse
  • Town Center
  • Beach Club
  • Industrial Ruins
  • Port

The Castle POI sits in the very center of the map, which is roughly shaped like a triangle, with Shipwreck at its northern tip, Town Center dead-center on the southern shore, and Greenhouse near the south-western point. The easter point of the triangle is effectively missing, but Beach Club and Industrial Ruins are along the south-eastern shore.

There’s a sea wall protecting the bay around Beach Club and Town Center. Port is further north on the eastern shore, while Water Treatment sits along the north-western shore. Inland, Power Plant, Apartments and Residential all fall under the western shadow of Castle.

The map shows a great deal of green grassy areas between these POIs as well as some strips of beach. Water should play a part as there’s a moat around the Castle and the sea wall near Town Center and docks around Port and Beach Club should provide some interesting engagements.

All told—while this absolutely could be a fake—I think it looks like a pretty cool map that’s going to be a lot less busy than Fortune’s Keep in terms of structures. It should also create a different, perhaps more circular flow, than the oblong Rebirth Island. Hopefully it’s released next season!

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Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/12/10/warzone-2s-new-resurgence-map-has-leaked-online/