VTR) Price Kickstart A Rally Soon?

The VTR stock has a CMP of $42.77 and an intraday loss of 0.79%. The VTR stock’s average volume for the last 10 days is 2.099 Million and its current volume is 2.016 Million. The VTR stock has a float of 400.418 Million shares and a market cap of $51.888 Billion.

VTR stock’s latest quarterly balance sheet for the period ending June 2023 reported total assets of $25.07 Billion and total liabilities of $14.77 Billion. The debt-to-assets ratio is at 58.92%.

The VTR stock’s dividend yield for the TTM is 4.18% and its last dividend payment was $0.45 per share. The last ex-dividend date was September 29th, 2023 and its payout ratio is 948.37%. 

Therefore, this could mean that the VTR might be relying on debt or asset sales to fund its dividends which might be concerning for the stock. This may reduce VTR stock’s future growth potential and increase its financial risk.

The VTR stock reported an EPS of $0.26 for the period ending June 2023, beating the analysts’ estimate of $0.022 by 1099.98%. The VTR next quarter’s revenue is estimated to be $1.119 Billion and an estimated EPS of $0.02. The report will be released on November 3rd, 2023.

Also, VTR displayed a revenue of $1.11 Billion, with a net income of $103.45 Million, and a profit margin from the last quarter of 9.35%. This quarter, the VTR reported revenue exceeded analysts’ estimates by $15.967 Million (1.46%).

VTR Stock Price Technical Analysis in 1-D Timeframe

According to the Ventas Inc. stock price action that was displayed on its chart, the VTR stock price started inclining from the $13 support level in March 2020. It reached a high of $64 on March 2022, by making a continuous upward break of structures. It is moving in a higher highs and lows pattern, which forms an uptrend. 

This uptrend was violated as the VTR stock faced resistance and started to fall as investors pulled out their profits from multiple quarterly reports and dividends. This became a huge sell-off and showed poor performance on the charts for the VTR price in the last two years. 

However, the stock has shown a recovery sign as the VTR price took support at a vital level of around $39 on the charts in the first week of October 2023.

Therefore, if the Ventas stock manages to gain strong buying momentum and surges above the previous swing high, it can shoot a rally upwards. The probable resistance levels are between $45 and $49.

Alternatively, if the VTR stock faces resistance again and continues to fall below and breaks below $39, it could fall up to $35. 

VTR Stock Forecast: Can (NYSE: VTR) Price Kickstart A Rally Soon?
Source: VTR.1D.NYSE by TradingView
VTR Stock Forecast: Can (NYSE: VTR) Price Kickstart A Rally Soon?
Source: VTR.1D.NYSE by TradingView

At the time of publishing, the price of Ventas Inc. (NYSE: VTR) took support around $39 and rose upward by jumping above 20 EMA. Therefore, if more buying volume assists the VTR price in surging upwards, the stock may surpass major rejecting levels and EMA’s and may thrust for making new highs. 

The MACD indicates a bullish cross and shows bullishness as the histogram width is broadening in the MACD tool. The RSI is at 52.99 as the RSI took support on 14 SMA which is at 41.07. The indicators in the VTR stock show positive signs on the charts.

In addition, the stock ratings for VTR stock are positive and highly recommended based on 20 analysts who have evaluated the stock in the last three months. The 1-year price forecasts for the stock by 18 analysts range between $44.00 to $80.00.


Ventas Inc. (NYSE: VTR) chart indicates that the traders and investors of the share price are bullish and positive on the 1-D timeframe. The price action shows a bullish outlook at the time of publishing. The technical analysis tools of the Ventas stock price highlight upward signals and support bullishness.

Technical Levels

Support Levels: $72 and $68

Resistance Levels: $78 and $81


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