VitaDAO manages to raise $4.1M in a fundraising round

VitaDAO has very successfully managed to raise an amount of $4.1 million for itself, through a fundraising round. This was made possible with the adequate amount of funding it received from the likes of Pfizer Ventures, Shine Capital, and L1 Digital. There were also decentralized science and Web3 firms like Beaker DAO, along with Spaceship DAO. Also, the picture happened to have the longevity supporters such as Balaji Srinivasan, who happens to be the General Partner at a16z, Joe Betts-LaCroix of Retro Sciences, and a lot more. For them, it is indeed a matter of credit.  

Through the funding amount they have happened to have received, it will be effectively utilized in the funding of more longevity research projects. This will help set the scene for the deliverance of VitaDAO’s first biotech start-ups which are about to happen in the imminent future. More investments will also follow in the areas of commercialization and in the licensing of its IP-NFT assets. This will be achieved with the help of the merger it has formed with Molecule DAO. According to the Steward of the Dealflow Working Group, Laurence Ion, the year 2022 seems to have been excellent for VitaDAO, in terms of the overall quality of research that has been carried out. 

The fundraising saga indeed happens to be a landmark occurrence where VitaDAO is concerned. This will provide the entity the necessary opportunity to move much faster towards its goal of creating an extension where general human life is concerned, along with the important aspect of the overall lifespan of mankind.

Also, with the proper utilization of the received funds, VitaDAO will find itself in the position of carrying out funding activities related to thorough and highly advanced longevity research. There will also be the associated factor of commercializing fresh technologies, which work towards the human aging aspect, and thus create a world community consisting of die-hard experts.  

Pfizer happens to have been the first pharma to cast its vote in favor of VitaDAO, along with it supporting the entity in various other ways. In the year 2022 itself, the entity witnessed a phenomenal growth of its community to rise above the figure of 9000, which included supporters, researchers, along with contributors. It was also able to place more than $3.5 million in more than 15 projects involved in the research of diseases linked to aging and solutions to overturn damages, also linked to the human aging factor.