UPST Stock Price to target previous highs by the end of 2023?

UPST stock price has formed a sideways movement to show the consolidation stage for the AI stocks. Upstart Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: UPST) is a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) lending platform that aggregates consumer demands for loans. It also connects the consumer to its network of Upstart AI-enabled bank partners. 

Upstart share prices have reflected a subtle saturation phase as all AI-based products gained hype due to the big-techs stepping up to launch their self-owned AI-based tools. AI tools are the pioneering technology that paves the path for the web3 world. The mass launch of AI tools created a bubble, inside which all connected products saw a rising trend. 

Upstart Share Price to rise in Inflation

Amid the slowing economies and inflationary markets, AI-based lending platforms like Upstart pose an opportunity for users to look for alternative strategies. Those strategies are focused on mitigating the ongoing volatility in the traditional investment market. This can be considered as an appropriate reaction, with the Federal Reserve aggressively hiking interest rates, many fear a prolonged recession. 

Alternative investment options that are more diverse and accessible, with online platforms, offer consumers an easy switch and much needed diversification to their portfolios. Spanning from peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, crypto and real estate, platforms like Upstart provide users with options to jumble their investments.

UPST Stock Price Analysis

UPST stock price has formed a sideways movement, showing the consolidation phase for Upstart share price. The prices saw a spike after the revenue reports were rolled out that showed positive reports. The spike in UPST stock price broke the rising regression channel and reached as high as about $24.00. The Fib retracement levels show prices to follow the declining streak, and after a phase of consolidation, can rise from here. 

The UPST stock price can breach the resistance near $19.51, and if successful can aim for higher levels. The RSI shows horizontal movement along the half line to display neutral market conditions. The MACD shows consistent but muted selling action as the market sees no new participant. The lines form a long convergence and a possibility of positive cross.


UPST stock price hints at probable price rise. The company can pose diversified options of online lending and investment options to enhance the user’s portfolio. The AI-based tools can see another hype in the web3 world as the advance following the trend. The holder of Upstart share can look for support near $15.27.

Technical levels

Support levels: $15.27and $12.27

Resistance levels: $19.51 and $23.97


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