Uniglo.io Sees FOMO Causing Investors To Double Down Before Uniswap And Cardano Whales Start Buying

The DeFi space has been on fire lately. Yield farming and flash loans have no end to the innovative use cases built on Ethereum. One project that has been gaining much traction recently is Uniglo.io (GLO), a decentralized crypto platform that allows users to have a unique store of value.

With Uniglo enjoying huge price rises, many investors wonder whether they should double their purchases before Uniswap and Cardano whales start buying.

What Is Uniglo.io (GLO)?

Uniglo is a social currency based on Ethereum that serves as a long-term store of value. Uniglo (GLO) has devised an exciting method of making diversified investments easy and transparent. It establishes a secure, multi-asset-backed vault that will store cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs, commodities, fine art, and precious antiquities. Most importantly, the protocol will grant investors fractional ownership of these assets, which could be impossible to afford for average investors.

The novel ultra-burn mechanism is the second distinctive aspect of Uniglo. After any GLO transaction, 2% will go to the Uni Abyss, a burning wallet with an unidentified private key. Furthermore, the protocol will spend a portion of the vault profits to purchase back GLO from the market and permanently remove them from the supply.

This approach makes GLO a hyper-deflationary token, promising early investors to enjoy higher profits as the supply progressively declines. 

Uniglo has already entered its final presale round, with the price set at $0.0155. The current rate shows early adopters are already celebrating 55% interest on their investments, which can increase further as the project approaches its release date.

Uniswap And Cardano Whales Start Investing In GLO

Data from Whalestats suggest a huge movement of Uniswap and Cardano holdings into Uniglo. 

Crypto whales are often reliable indications of market direction. They spend heavily on particular projects and, as a result, boost the pricing. Uniglo has been the focus of whales’ interest since its inception, but the recent surge has even generated FOMO among average investors. 

Uniswap (UNI) is a well-known Ethereum-based decentralized exchange platform that uses smart contracts to automate trade. 

Cardano (ADA), meantime, is a prominent Ethereum competitor and Web 3.0 network with a blockchain-powered environment enabling users to communicate without depending on centralized data repositories.

Apart from Uniglo’s novel characteristics, these two projects have started considering GLO for several other aspects.

Uniglo.io is one of the few projects offering a genuinely decentralized exchange protocol that doesn’t require users to deposit their tokens into a centralized pool. Instead, Uniglo.io uses a DAO architecture that lets them remain in complete control of their assets at all times.

What’s more, Uniglo.io leverages the power of audits to provide an added layer of security and transparency. With an active community and social media, users will track their favorite project and receive real-time updates on price action.

Finally, as already known to the public, Uniglo will launch on Uniswap. This will likely benefit UNI as well by driving thousands of GLO customers to the exchange. Meanwhile, ADA holders appreciate GLO’s resistance power during negative volatility, which was hardly seen with Cardano lately.

Wrapping Up

Uniglo properly integrates growth speculation and wealth preservation into a single token for investors. Plus, with such strong support from influential projects, it’s no wonder why investors are considering doubling down before the launch. Therefore, the time for filling the bag with GLO is now – before UNI and ADA whales fully flood the market. 

For More About Uniglo:

Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register

Website: https://uniglo.io

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