Uniglo.io Burn Event Cascades Price Increase, How Does Tamadoge, IMPT And Dash2Trade Boost Investments?

Investors in other up-and-coming crypto projects like TAMA and IMPT are struggling to keep up with Uniglo (GLO). It’s already got some of the strongest deflationary features ever seen in crypto, but Uniglo will now burn every unsold token on its official launch, potentially sending prices even higher. Investments are surging into GLO from every corner of the crypto world, but there’s still time left to make the most of presale prices before every leftover token is destroyed.

Other crypto projects like IMPT and Dash2Trade have shown presale potential but are getting left behind by the launch potential GLO offers investors. Nevertheless, experts already list it as the next big break-out star in the space, and you’ve still got a few days left to strap yourself in before its rise to glory after the official launch.

Uniglo (GLO) burn event could push prices even higher

Uniglo’s prices are already UP in a big way throughout its presale. But experts think they’re going to go even higher on official launch day, so there’s still time left if you missed your chance to invest at the earliest opportunity during presale 1.

GLO is gearing up to become even more scarce by burning every unsold presale token. But this won’t be the only burn. GLO will continue to become more scarce throughout its journey thanks to the strongest dual-burn tokenomics ever, with tokens being repurchased to destroy over time alongside being destroyed on every transaction. This burn rate, alongside an entire asset-backed store of value in the GLO vault, helps make GLO the most deflationary token ever. And there’s still time left to buy it before it goes stratospheric.

Tamadoge  looking to boost investments

TAMA already hit its hard cap of $19million a few months ago during presale, but creators are trying to think of new ways for it to keep up with GLO’s strength. It’s already helped create a fun outlook for investors and one that could be primed for meme coin success like SHIB and DOGE last year, but it may fail to keep up with GLO’s long-term potential.

IMPT (IMPT) struggles to match GLO’s presale strength

IMPT is a unique proposition for investors that allows them to offset their carbon footprint with crypto and has a range of other planet-saving credentials. It’s also still in presale, but has struggled to match the growth potential GLO brings to the table. That’s why some IMPT investors see a better ROI with Uniglo and are moving their investments over.

Dash2Trade could become key in the crypto investment world

With next-level crypto trading signals and a range of predictive analytic tools, Dash2Trade could be part of the next generation of crypto investment solutions, rivaling those in the traditional investment world (and surpassing them). Just like GLO, it has enjoyed a strong presale period, but creators may need to find a way to boost investments if it wants to keep up with the potential Uniglo offers.


Projects like IMPT, Dash2Trade, and Tamadoge are all looking for new ways to boost investments to try and keep up with presale powerhouse Uniglo. GLO could be the next big thing in the space, and there are a few days left to invest before its mega-burn launch event.

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